So I Guess Minneapolis Cops Were Just Injecting Suspects with Ketamine During Arrests, Hm.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2018

I have never heard of cops injecting people they are arresting with anything.

You would think you would hear about it, because you would think that it would be black people that they were doing it to, and that this would be some kind of police brutality issue.

Hearing about this now is incredibly strange.

Fox News:

Police in Minneapolis have been ordered to “never suggest or demand” that paramedics sedate a suspect during a police call, following a recent report that such treatment of suspects had spiked in recent years.

The May 18 order from police Cmdr. Todd Sauvageau says that decisions on sedating suspects are to be made by Hennepin County paramedics, not city police officers, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

The police policy order coincided with the completion of a report by the city’s Office of Police Conduct Review (OCPR), which showed that paramedics’ injections of ketamine into suspects during police calls had increased from three in 2012 to 62 in 2017, the newspaper reported.

How was this ever even a thing?

Why are paramedics coming to the scene of arrests? And if someone is already arrested, why would they need to be injected with a tranquilizer?

Are police generally allowed to direct paramedics on how to treat people medically?

Is this only Minnesota doing this?

Ketamine is considered a powerful tranquilizer and is classified as a “date rape drug” in the Minneapolis police manual, according to the Star-Tribune. In some cases, it can stop a person’s heart or breathing, the report said.

Police officers regularly ordered paramedics to administer ketamine, the OCPR report says. It then questions why suspects received the drug before being transported to a hospital, “given the immediate effects on breathing and heart function that the drug induces.”

The OCPR report drew conflicting reactions from local officials, the Star-Tribune story said.

Hennepin Healthcare EMS Medical Director Jeffrey Ho and Minnesota Poison Control System Medical Director Jon Cole dismissed the findings as a “reckless use of anecdotes and partial snapshots of interactions with police, and incomplete information and statistics to draw uninformed and incorrect conclusions.”

Talk about word soup – were the cops ordering paramedics to inject suspects with date rape drugs or not, Mr. Ho?

It’s a pretty simple either-or.

I am relatively certain that this is not a practice of police in any other country.

Americans generally do not understand that we absolutely do live in a police state.

The core reason is that we have black people. They require extreme measures. So the police are all trained on how to deal with black people, because obviously, in our perfectly equal paradise, you can’t train law enforcement to deal differently with blacks and whites.

So whenever you are in a situation with a cop, odds are you’re going to be treated like a nigger.

If you get arrested in a white European country, and you are not flipping out crazy, they don’t even bother to handcuff you – let alone inject you with high-power tranquilizers.

It used to be that cops understood that you don’t treat whites like they are niggers, because they are not niggers. But at this point, the people who become cops are generally low quality people. Because what is the motivation? The pay is bad, the risk is high, there is not really much room to move up the ranks. So it’s mostly just people who want to go on power trips, or who are too stupid to do anything else.

I say “mostly” – that’s based on anecdotal evidence, of course. We don’t have statistics on this. I’m sure some are good people.

But for real, you guys who have never left America have no idea. In these allegedly “not free” countries like China, Russia, etc. you don’t ever have any problems with the cops.

In America, it is pretty much impossible to not have some kind of weird, uncomfortable and/or degrading interaction with police at least a couple times a year, if not on a monthly basis.

I don’t think we should frame cops as “enemies of the people” and my instinct as an authoritarian personality is to support the cops. But if they are just a bunch of assholes on power trips abusing people for personal reasons, then that is no longer in-line with the authoritarian ideal.

Authoritarianism is not tyranny. In fact, it is the opposite. Ideally, a hierarchal society based on natural law is the freest kind of society.

The cops have gotten really bad, and the automatic deference to the innate goodness of cops because they are cops is boomer-tier. In a society with a completely corrupt ruling class, their enforcers are going to embody that corruption.

Bottom line: the majority of American cops act like a nigger gang.

I don’t say that as an anarchist or someone who is in any way against the idea of police or even against the idea of a “police state.” I am merely making an observation on the objectively abhorrent behavior that we see from these boys in blue.