So, Do We Just Have to Have Black People in Everything Now?

I don’t watch many of the big blockbuster comic book movies anymore. I used to watch them, because I thought it was important to keep up with what the mainstream culture was focused on. Then I realized that they are literally all the same, so I wasn’t learning anything by watching them. And they are just really bad.

But, actually, I liked Venom. I like Tom Hardy. And the Venom movie was pretty much just a fun movie that is like something I would have liked as a teenage boy.

I knew the sequel was coming out soon, and I was going to download a torrent. I knew it was going to have Woody Harrelson as Carnage, and that seemed just as fun as the first one.

Well, it’s not out on torrent yet, but it’s out in some theaters, and I saw the poster…

That is definitely a black female on the center left.

It is Naomie Harris, who is… pretty rough.

I checked the Wikipedia page, and she is playing Frances Barrison/Shriek – Carnage’s girlfriend, who has never been black in any comic book.

Watching the trailer (above), it actually looks like the character might have been added to the film after filming was completed, because someone decided it was “too white.”

So, this is yet another instance of “we need to put black people in this movie.”

And the role in this case is a black female as an ostensibly sexy love interest.

We recently saw this also with James Bond.

I haven’t watched the film, but as far as I can tell, the alpha male Bond apparently chooses this woman:

Over this woman:

And of course, Zendaya has been playing the “sexy black girl” in various films (although she is a mulatto and so maybe not quite as offensive).

Less offensive, perhaps – but hardly a classic film starlet.

By the way, Spider-Manlet is dating her in real life.

Bro, if you can’t tell that bitch not to wear heels, then you’re effectively already getting pegged.

I have been consistently falsely accused by Jews of being a “racist” simply for mild criticisms of black behavior, such as making benign statements such as “blacks suffer from the bigotry of low expectations,” “Democrats are the real racists,” “blacks need to get off of the Democrat plantation,” “Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and the Democrats ran the KKK,” and “niggers should die.” But I’ve never been the kind of person to say “oh this movie has a black person – I don’t want to watch it.”

However, right now I feel fatigued. I very much feel as if black people are being forced on me, everywhere I look. I also feel that black people are a hostile entity that is trying to hurt me.

Frankly, after watching the riots of the Summer of Love last year, I just don’t even want to look at black people at all.

These blacks keep saying “I can’t breathe” – but as a white person who has literally never done anything to any single black person in my entire life, I can tell you that I feel like I can’t breathe with all of these black people being shoved onto me. I don’t want to do anything for these black people, I do not owe them anything – yet they are demanding that I give something to them, that I pay attention to them, that I do things to help them, as they try to hurt me.

Basically, this whole “anti-racism” thing has created a serious loathing for black people.

It might all be part of the plan, but it’s clear that white people are eventually going to say “I’ve had enough of this” and turn on these blacks.

The fact that there is literally no place to escape, and you can’t watch a movie made for white people without having black people shoved in your face, makes the situation much more extreme. The message is that white people cannot live without black people, they cannot ever escape them, they have to be constantly surrounded by them.

There is a definite feeling of being smothered by blackness, and there is a feeling that there cannot be any finality to this.

The whole Obama presidency seemed to be about a kind of finality, where white people could say “okay, now we elected a black president, so black people are equal, everything is finished, we can now move on.”

But as president, all Obama did was stir up further racism hoaxes.

Then, when he left the presidency, he talked about how as he was president, he was being oppressed by inbred hillbilly whites in trailers.

Blacks now clearly stand as superiors over white people. Everything in the entire media says a black is morally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically superior to a white person, and that is official state policy. White people might be okay with saying “okay, you’re better than me, sure,” but blacks are continuing to demand more and more.

Most whites are going to being realizing that this is never going to end.

Of course, on the whole, the race issue is becoming irrelevant as the vax issue takes center stage. But all of these issues are about to be meshed together in a gigantic messy spectacle.