Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

Can you believe that this woman was brave enough to come out as a “queer” with all that is going on right now?

I mean, do you know what is happening in Chechnya? And do you know what happened in the gay nightclub in Orlando last year?

And do you know who’s doing this?

Wait no, skip that.

Do you know what is happening in Donald Trump’s America?

Where blacks are getting lynched simply because of the color of their skin?

Where gays are getting thrown off of buildings simply because they love sucking on dick?

All of this is happening, and this woman steps forward to reveal that she is a queer?

I’m sorry, but Joan of Arc has nothing on Natalie Morales.

This woman is giving her life up for what she believes.

Absolutely everything. She’s going to lose her job, she’s going to get gang-raped by blonde-haired, blue-eyed Christian men in “Make America Great Hats,” and she might even get thrown off a roof.

Joan of Arc was really just an attention whore who took it too far and ended up getting burned.