So Australia Wants the American Subs Instead…

There’s some kind of thing going on in the headlines about how Australia canceled a deal with France to buy nuclear subs from them, deciding instead to buy the subs from America.

America is selling the subs for cheaper.

I think this is a stupid news story, and I really don’t care about it.

The underlying questions should relate to exactly why Australia needs these kinds of arms, and what kind of military relationship Australia is developing with the United States.

At this point, the Australian people are so oppressed, and so completely censored, that their government can do literally anything, and the population does not have any ability to push back against it.

Australia is still calling itself “a democracy” for the time being, and they will of course have elections, but the only possible way they can do elections, under their current system of order, is through the mail. Elections through the mail are not serious. It’s almost impossible to get caught doing fraud, and if you do get caught, anyone who complains about it can just be censored, or outright arrested.

As you may know, Australia is also very close to Asia.

So if you were going to start a war with the Chinese, Australia would be a good base of operations to get that rolling. Which really makes you think.

We’ve been completely through the topic of China and the New World Order on this website. We’ve been all up and down it. Basically, the West is collapsing its own economy on purpose, enslaving the people and ensuring that these countries cannot ever really be productive ever again. Meanwhile, China is continuing to behave like a serious country.

If the West does not start a war with China – and win that war with China – pretty soon here, they are going to be in a situation where China very easily becomes the undisputed world power.

When I look at the situation, it looks like it’s possible that the people who are running the West are simply too decadent and stupid to understand what is happening.

Clearly, this whole coronavirus thing had been planned for decades as a way to bring in a New World Order. But they would have planned it under the assumption that by this time, China would have embraced “democracy” and gone along with the whole thing.

China did not embrace democracy, but the West went ahead with the plan to crush the middle class and enslave their own population anyway.

So now they’re in a sticky situation.

The basic question is whether or not a war with China is even possible, and I kind of doubt that it is. But that doesn’t mean that these people won’t try.

The basic question that I have, which I do not know the answer to, is very simple: is there a secret cabal of people controlling the Democrat Party, or is the government being run by the people that we see?

If the government is being run by the people we see, then this whole thing is about to flop, totally.

If there is a secret power group hidden somewhere pulling the strings, then who the hell knows what happens next.

I will say that for as much as we’ve heard about the Illuminati and so on, we’ve never had any evidence of a secret group of power people. We know there is a “derp state,” but that is just permanent bureaucrats. We know who those people are – we saw them all during the Donald Trump Experience. None of them were especially competent or capable people.

But maybe there is some double derp state, or totally invisible reptoid style people secretly in control?

But if there are such people, there is not really any evidence of their competence.

My underlying thesis explains everything very easily: the US government has total power, but it is being run by morons.

That might not be correct. I don’t assert that it is impossible something else is happening. But I think it is the most likely.

So, yeah – I have no idea what happens next on the geopolitical front, but I do know that the US relationship with Australia is interesting, and it’s also possibly interesting that this could be related to the complete crackdown on freedom in Australia.

Even if all these people running things are complete morons, they have the ability to more or less completely destroy most things.

It’s going to be interesting.

I would say that the threat of nuclear war is yet another good reason to not live in the city.