Snowden Catches Jew Shitcoiner Trying to Build a Database of Iris Scans

Edward Snowden has exposed a Jewish shitcoiner for attempting to get people to submit iris scans to get free shitcoins.

Jewish weasel Sam Altman is shilling “Worldcoin” and saying he wants to “distribute it to as many people as possible.”

But you just have to give him your iris scan.

There are so many Jewish scams in crypto, it’s insane. But I will tell you: if you know what you’re doing and you have a system and good instincts, you can make a shitton of money. No one bothers to donate to my anti-vax news website (plz donate), so I have to get grimy with the crypto Jews.

The funny thing about you people who don’t donate because you don’t understand crypto is that if you would have tried to understand crypto in order to donate, you would have gotten rich on it already. Many such cases. I get the emails, something like: “Anglin, I just want to thank you – your site really helped me with my life, so I wanted to donate. To donate, I had to figure out crypto, and ended up getting into it and making enough money to retire before I’m 30. Of course, I’ve followed your advice and bought a place in the country with my profits, and now my wife and I are mostly living off the land. I keep her busy on the farm so she can’t get any bad ideas. In the spring, I told her to copy what she needs off of her iPhone, that I want her to switch to an old Nokia I got her because I don’t want our son growing up playing with smart phones, and she said ‘alright.’ I feel like I owe my happiness to you, man. May Christ continue to guide you in spreading the truth to our people.”

That’s called God rewarding good deeds.

I could rant about Jew crypto schemes and the various nuances of the crypto trading industrial complex for a while, but it’s Sunday and I want to relax later. I already wrote a long thing about Alex Berenson (not great) and a long thing about hyperinflation and the incompetent elite (not super-duper great, but kinda medium great, I’d say).

But the morning’s biggest accomplishment was that I made this meme:

That is pure dank OC (and it actually could be a format, frankly).

You people ask too much of me.

You know I write most of the text for Elvis and Snake too, right?

I’m a machine, but I can only do so much.

I have to actually read about this stuff before I write about it as well.

Anyway, Snowden’s tweet pretty much explains the thing happening with that guy. I just really wanted to point out that he’s Jewish, because Ed is too polite to say the quiet part loudly.

Jews are collecting all kinds of different biometrics and DNA and everything else, along with the mountains of personal and psychological data they collect with Facebook.

Wonder why?