Snowball Fight Gone Wrong: Traditional Negroes Hosed Down at Traditional Negro College

Modern Heretic
February 13, 2014


Excluding Whites is always good. Every victim group should have their own organizations, their own special buildings and colleges, their own criminal elected officials, their own myopic and destructive self-interests. If Whites did any of this it would be the most evil thing ever, another “tsunami” of hate as the jew called it. Whites must lose their racial identity and die, while every other race must compete for scavenger rights from the wreck of the U.S.S.A. Opposing this disastrous course is “racist” and the worst thing you could possibly do.

Meanwhile, at the traditionally negro college the traditionally negro behavior plays out with predictable results. Negroes riot and are blasted with fire hoses. This is a free and open society that will last forever, clearly.

Several students at Grambling State University have contacted KNOE claiming they were hosed down by the fire department early Wednesday morning.

“Sheet, dem debils be spayin’ us wit de wadda. Das races.”

University officials tell KNOE the incident happened after students set off as many as a dozen fire alarms.

This is what democracy looks like. Negroes pulling alarms and attacking the responders. Send more Whites.

The students claim they were having a snowball fight at a campus apartment complex when they were hosed down by Grambling’s Fire Department around 12 A.M.

“We ain’t been doin’ nuffin’ but dis’ sno fight.” Hosing down the rot, trying to fight this biological plague by spraying water at it.

We have reached out to the university, the Grambling Police Department and the fire department but have not yet received a response.

It takes time to find ways to diplomatically explain the animal behavior. 

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Another little glimpse at the content of their character. Clearly negro colleges are not the answer. We need to put them in negro nations…back in Africa.