Snoop Doggy Dog Calls for Boycott of Roots Slavery Propaganda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2016

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The Black rapper Snoop Doggy Dog has called for a boycott of the slavery propaganda series “Roots.”

The Hollywood Reporter:

Snoop Dogg has no plans to watch the Roots remake, and he’s telling his fans to also boycott the show.

The rapper sent out his message over social media on Monday.

“I’m sick of this shit. How the f— are they going to put Roots on, on Memorial Day?” Snoop said in an Instagram video. “They going to just keep beating that shit into our heads about how they did us, huh?”

The History Channel revival is a four-part, eight-hour series that debuts Monday.

Snoop said he has no interest in new shows and movies — specifically mentioning 12 Years a Slave — that “keep showing the abuse we took hundreds and hundreds of years ago.”

“I ain’t watching that shit, and I advise you motherf—ers as real n— like myself; f— them television shows,” Snoop said. “Let’s create our own shit based on today, how we live and how we inspire people today. Black is what’s real. F— that old shit.”

What he appears to be saying here is “stop whining, you babies.” He also seems to be implying that Blacks should replace the whining with a positive message.

It’s pretty much shocking every time you hear a Black say something along these lines. Because it basically never happens.

Good on him then.