Snoop Dogg Tells Followers to Post Farrakhan Videos – “They Can’t Ban All of Us”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

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Snoop Doggy Dogg came out in support of Louis Farrakhan after the anti-Semitic black preacher was banned from Facebook, telling his followers to spam clips of their favorite Farrakhan speeches.

At the end of the clip, he says “they can’t ban all of us.”

In actual fact they can just ban all black people from the Internet, and they will if they have to in order to prevent people from spreading factual information about the Jewish race.

But this creates a very funny situation, which is obviously what they were trying to avoid by not banning Louis Farrakhan: black people like Louis Farrakhan because he is black, and black people don’t care that he talks about Jews because black people do not care about Jews.

I’m not really convinced that black people are able to distinguish between Jews and white people – especially if they don’t live in a heavily Jewish area of the country. But getting a whole new segment of the population angry about censorship is not good, even if they are a group as powerless as the blacks.

Snoop is old enough that he’s not really going to care if Jewish producers call him up whining. Hopefully other rappers and black celebrities will follow his lead. Even if they back down from it after the Jews call them with threats, as long as they say it, it serves to agitate the black community against the tech industry.

In honor of Snoop, here’s my favorite Louis Farrakhan clip:

This one is also quite good and true:

Preach it, brother.

The neon-Nazi community stands firmly with all of the blacks being oppressed by kikes, whether it be the SPLC kikes racially abusing them, the Facebook kikes censoring them or any other oppression these innocent folks suffer at the hands of the bloodsucking Jewish menace.