SNL Claims Pizzagate is Fake News and That Alt-Right Trolls Aren’t Funny

Daily Stormer
December 12, 2016

How dare these people claim that we’re not funny?

It boggles the mind that a show like Saturday Night Live is still on air in spite of the fact that they haven’t been funny in a decade or more.

I used to think the network was keeping it just to push a political message. But it seems some “people” actually find it funny.

My theory is that people’s brains are getting turned into mush by antidepressants.


But apparently, they feel confident enough to comment on the comedy abilities of Alt-Right trolls.

But I’ll say it right now: Sam Hyde and Murdoch Murdoch are way funnier than SNL ever was. If these shows would be put in a competing slot against SNL, they would quickly dominate the ratings.

They also tried to debunk Pizzagate.

The Romper:

Saturday Night Live does not shy away from making fun of, well — anything or anyone. The often hilarious and very topical sketch comedy show is never afraid to present commentary on issues ranging from people (President-elect Donald Trump) to events — like Pizzagate. The show’s commentary points out the more ridiculous aspects of our day to day lives, allowing the audience take a skeptical look at everything around them. That is why Saturday Night Live making fun of Pizzagate proves just how ridiculous and absurd it really is.

Did we watch the same sketch?

Also, I think we have a slightly different notion of what constitutes “proof.”


I think it’s stupid, therefore “proof.”

SNL’s commentary really does accurately sum up just how ridiculous the believers in Pizzagate and fake news actually seem to everyday people who aren’t exactly up to date on the latest conspiracy theories. Case in point, the use of SNL’s favorite cigarette-holding character from the country, Cathy Anne — played by the very hilarious Cecily Strong — to emphasize this. During an appearance on Weekend Update, Cathy Anne explains to co-host Michael Che, in her words, what Pizzagate is. “Can you believe that idiot went into that pizza shop with a gun and he didn’t leave with no money or no pizza,” Cathy Anne told Che. The video clip is definitely worth watching, if only for Strong’s ability to make Che laugh as the incredibly ridiculous character — and for the reason that it explains exactly why Pizzagate is so absurd.

Thanks for emphasizing how funny it was. Because no one could have noticed it without your comments.


Ha….Ha….Ha….SNL….Funny… Pizzagate…Fake…

So, how did they “explain” that Pizzagate is false?

It is so absurd because the basis of Pizzagate is rooted in conspiracy and fake news — and despite all this, it still prompted a man to bring a gun into a popular D.C. pizza shop and allegedly fire a shot into the ground anyway. According to Salon, the armed man — Edgar Welch — allegedly drove to the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in D.C. to “self-investigate” whether the shop had “a secret pedophilia dungeon in the basement” despite this only being a rumor and nothing more.

In other words, “Pizzagate is fake, because it’s fake.”


According to Salon, the so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory (which is 100 percent contrived and has no basis in fact, whatsoever — important to note) started on websites like 4chan and Reddit, where it then escalated into something much larger than anyone could ever have imagined. (Which is why now, it’s more important than ever that people know how to identify false news from the truth as well.)


A-ABSOLUTELY no basis in fact, goyim! Important to note!

Pizzagate started because of Wikileak’s release of the Podesta emails, not out of nowhere. The good people of 4chan and the Pizzagate Reddit board are simply the first to have investigated them.

As usual, your “proof” that Pizzagate is fake isn’t based on the actual evidence, but on a summary dismissal of the whole thing based on nothing.

How about you answer a few of the questions we asked, for a change?