Sneaky Jew Executives at Rising MSNBC Fire Minorities to Hire Anti-Trump Cuckservatives – Sign the Petition!

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

June 18, 2017

With Fox News (the only news channel not totally run by Jews) hanging on by a thread (Tucker Carlson), the nimble Jew is already planning his next phase in the war to overthrow Trump.

NBC/MSNBC’s (((Andrew Lack))) is going on a hiring spree of famous anti-Trump cuckservatives in order to try and mop up elderly voters when the Fox blimp crashes. The hope appears to be to “correct” the GOP – the party of globalist losers – once again by splintering the white base that propelled Trump to power.

MSNBC is enjoying better ratings than usual, but Jews realize someone like (((Rachel Maddow))) can’t connect with any normal white people.

Many of MSNBC’s non-white and Marxist viewers are starting to grumble about this. Because the Jew Lack doesn’t actually believe in anything outside of controlling the Goyim, he is purging the network of anti-white minorities and replacing them with the likes of Hugh Hewitt and Megyn Kelly!

While I don’t think their strategy will work, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here is the growing petition everyone should sign:

After President Obama won in 2008, FOX News did not hire dozens of progressive, female, Black and Brown, young TV personalities in order to speak to the Obama coalition.

So why on earth is MSNBC pushing out Black and Brown voices and filling its network with hard-line extreme conservatives?

NBC had troubling ties to Trump during the presidential campaign and gave the racist sexual predator a national platform. Now MSNBC, too, is tilting to the right. We need to let NBC executives know that there will be a sharp backlash if MSNBC becomes another platform for right-wing hate.

Tell NBC executives: Stop the white conservative hiring spree at MSNBC.

The man in charge of MSNBC has made it clear that he wants to make the network whiter and more conservative – even though the ratings of progressive shows are skyrocketing. He is, in the words of reporter Ryan Grim, “resisting the resistance.”

Andrew Lack, the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC, aims to make them more “centrist,” by which he means bringing in conservative voices. Just look at the recent hires:

  • Nicole Wallace, a former spokesperson for President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain, will get her own show.
  • George Will, the conservative columnist, climate denier and campus rape apologist, signed a lucrative contributor contract.
  • Hugh Hewitt, the right-wing talk radio host who recently defended Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, will get his own show.
  • Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren, both conservative former FOX News hosts, have been given daytime TV shows.

In the process, Lack has pushed out Black and Brown talent including Melissa Harris Perry, Alex Wagner, Touré Neblett, Dorian Warren, Michael Eric Dyson, Adam Howard, Jamil Smith, Jose Diaz-Balart and Tamron Hall. In fact, Lack has a history of replacing Black on-air personalities wherever he goes. America needs voices like these now more than ever, and we need to make it clear to Lack that we are paying attention and there will be consequences.

Tell NBC executives: Stop the white conservative hiring spree at MSNBC.

All I can do is laugh at these minorities who really believed they ever mattered. Their relevance is limited to how Jews can play them against white people. When that tactic no longer works, they get sent to the back of the bus.

Now that white consciousness is growing, the kike Lack is putting the more feral white-haters on the back burner until he can lull us back to sleep.

Here are just a few samples from the so-called “white conservatives” getting their own shows. The only time they say anything good about Trump is when he attacks Syria.

They don’t represent any heartland GOP voter’s views.

Nicole Wallace:

Hugh Hewitt:

George Will:

Megyn Kelly:

You may think Neo-Conservatism is fully discredited, but as long as Jews have the money and media, they will keep pushing these Shabbos-Goy shills in our faces. I just hope some of the more suggestible Boomers don’t fall for it. Andrew Lack thinks they will.

Which is why we must deploy strategic counter-Semitism and further incite these non-whites and gays – sign their petition!