SNAP! Color Revolutionaries of the World Gather for Group Photo in Berlin

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2019

All the shills and ghosts of color coups and revolutions past have gathered together at one conference. Naturally, it’s taking place in Berlin, one of the most depressing and ZOG’d-out cities in the world.


Hong Kong protest figurehead Joshua Wong, who has been rocking up to ‘pro-democracy’ meetings with various Western officials in recent weeks, has been spotted hanging out with the chairman of the White Helmets in Berlin.

Wong attended the ‘Bild 100’ summer party in Berlin this week, where he seems to have bumped into White Helmets boss Raed Al Saleh. That’s a tad awkward, since the Syrian first-responders group has been heavily linked to Al Qaeda and US-sponsored jihadist militias – a fact that did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

That’s not all – he also met a famous Ukrainian Maidanist and an Iranian rabble-rouser there.

Really a remarkable photo. Sums it all up, really.

So basically, you’ve got Hong Kongese liberals with stale 2016 MAGA memes, old-school Eastern European neo-Nazis, Al-Qaeda Arab Jihadis and exiled Iranian “We Wuz Aryans” Zoroastrian nutjobs all consorting with one another in Berlin. All of them are guilty of advancing the Jews’ agenda and fomenting revolution in the only countries in the world that still resist ZOG in some capacity.

But Wong has had some questionable high-level meetings, too. He also met German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the event – with that tete-a-tete quickly slammed by Beijing.

These meetings come on the heels of photos showing Wong speaking to Julie Eadeh, an official from the US consulate general in Hong Kong, which raised more suspicions that Washington had a hand in the recent violent anti-China protests.

Skip back a little further in time and there are also pictures of Wong with Venezuela coup plotter, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

This kid has been groomed for this role at a very young age.

Nowadays, the regime change agenda is so blatant and in your face that you have to be a braindead Boomer or an autistic and abused Millennial man-child who doesn’t know better and listens to shills like Paul Joseph Watson.

There’s a special circle of Hell reserved for shabbos shills who foment revolutions in their own countries because of personal ambition, weird cult ideology, homosexual proclivities or because of kompromat blackmail. In an ideal world, posing for a photo in Berlin with a whole cohort of astroturfed color coup revolutionaries would be a career-ending move. It would make people sit up and go, “hmmmmmm.”

What are these kikes up to this time?

But it appears that the stranglehold on media and thought that the Jews now enjoy has gone to their head. They really think that no one will raise an eyebrow upon seeing this because of the stigma that thinking for yourself and being able to detect patterns holds in our modern society.