Snake-Jew Media is Reporting German Schizoid Shooting as a Straight Right-Wing Shooting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 21, 2020

When the story first broke, the media reporting on the German shooting of helpless little migrant babies in their water pipe shop was mentioning the fact that the guy was totally schizophrenic.

I published the entire alleged manifesto of this guy, which the media is saying is probably real, and he was totally insane, talking about how his thoughts were writing the plots of movies.

But now the narrative is reshaping, and the fact the guy was schizophrenic is being completely dropped.

We’re getting headlines like this:

And it doesn’t stop the German cops from aiding the media by calling this “an act of far-right terror.”


The shooting dead of nine people in shisha bars in Hanau is being treated by German investigators as an act of far-right terrorism.

The attack has shocked Germany and added to fears that police may still be missing vital clues about violent racists and their networks, despite previous far-right outrages.

The ability of violent racists to remain for long periods below the police radar was exposed in the National Socialist Underground (NSU) case. A neo-Nazi cell murdered 10 people, nine of them immigrants, between 2000 and 2007, while police failed to connect the attacks.

The NSU case was a wake-up call for the authorities, whose anti-terrorism efforts had been focused on the threat from violent Islamists.

But some now accuse the authorities of still underestimating the far-right terror threat.

The Hanau suspect has been named as Tobias R. The 43-year-old has been described as a lone gunman, and was found dead later at home next to his dead mother. He was a licensed gun owner and had not been under investigation previously.

The attack has reignited a debate in Germany about the extent to which far-right rhetoric may be encouraging racist violence.

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) – now the main opposition party – has been accused repeatedly of using inflammatory rhetoric, including in parliament.

Support for the AfD swelled after nearly a million non-EU migrants reached Germany in 2015 – portrayed by nationalists as an Islamic threat to German culture.

The head of the Social Democrats (SPD), Saskia Esken, described the Hanau crime as far-right “terror” and said “for far too long we’ve avoided naming this in clear language”.

AfD parliamentary leader Alice Weidel condemned the Hanau attack as a “terrible act”.

But Björn Höcke, one of the AfD’s most controversial politicians, has used language echoing racist conspiracy theories spread by neo-Nazis, including the “great replacement” – the claim that Jews and liberals want “inferior” races to replace the white race.

He has also spoken of “remigration” – the racist idea of forcing non-whites to leave, because they are considered non-European.

He was at the centre of a scandal in the eastern state of Thuringia this month, when a liberal politician was elected state premier thanks to AfD votes. It has been taboo in post-war Germany to do any political deals with the far right.

The SPD’s Michael Roth, who is minister of state for Europe, said attacks like the one in Hanau were “nourished ideologically by fascists like Höcke”.

This is all just about as insane as Tobias’ manifesto.

Talking about this in any context other than that of mental illness is just unbelievably dishonest. I guess it is believable, because we’re talking about the media and the German government, but surely anyone can see through this?

Maybe they can’t, because maybe they don’t know – all the original articles were saying “yeah, he thought there was a secret government that was reading his thoughts from an underground base,” but today this is all the BBC is saying about the manifesto:

Prof Peter Neumann, a terrorism expert at King’s College, London, tweeted that the Hanau suspect published a 24-page manifesto written in excellent German, without grammatical mistakes.

It reveals that “he hates foreigners and non-whites,” Prof Neumann says. “Although he doesn’t emphasise Islam, he calls for the extermination of various countries in North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia (which all happen to be majority Muslim).”

The manifesto echoes that of Stephan Balliet, the suspect charged with murder over the Halle attack. It emerged that he had been inspired by the New Zealand mosque attacker Brenton Tarrant, who has been charged with 51 murders.

Imagine commenting on the grammar of the manifesto to make the argument the guy was of sound mind.

The man is talking about people in underground bases using telepathy to control his thoughts! He says his thoughts wrote the plot of Hollywood movies!

He says that he wrote the plots of both the TV series Prison Break and Vikings!


In addition, I have developed a more detailed idea of ​​two contents of a series and how this series should be structured.

I told him that when I was a little boy I saw the film “Escape from Alcatraz” on television with Clint Eastwood, which I found very exciting. So, as the story was told, how someone manages to escape from prison, but at the end of the film it was a shame that the film was over now, but I would like more of it, so somehow it should go on. I said to myself, many viewers will feel the same way that they are captivated by a film and would like more of it. So I got the idea that such a film should be shot again, but not as a feature film (i.e. over 90 or 120 minutes), but as a series and the story should be extended to 10 hours. This could create a whole new dimension of tension. In addition, the time after the outbreak could also be filmed in a new season.

With the television series “Prison Break” this has been implemented accordingly – very good, in my opinion.

In retrospect, I unknowingly provided the basic idea at the time, but of course neither wrote the script, nor selected the actors, nor contributed anything to the real implementation of this season.

I can say the same thing about the “Vikings” series.

Here, too, I got the idea that it is interesting and exciting to tell the story of the Vikings with Hollywood Power from today’s perspective. Starting with the first sea trips to England, the raids there, the way of life, the first points of contact with a new religion – Christianity, the conquest of Paris. I still remember that I mentioned that with such an epic, it is important that, if possible, it is shot in real nature or, in other words, that studio scenes are avoided.

I could give more examples, but I am certain that it has become clear that this can no longer be a coincidence.

And these people are going to say “his grammar proves that he was of sound mind… we have to take this seriously.”

I’m used to being lied to by the Jew media. I’m used to it more than virtually anyone, because they’ve constructed entirely false narratives about my own personal life. Most people obviously do not experience that. But when you read stuff that they write about you, which is completely made up, it really drives home just how extreme the hoax is.

But even I’m sitting here like: we have his manifesto. It’s on the internet and we can all read it. The guy is saying he communicated telepathically with secret agents in an underground base and wrote the plot of “Prison Break,” but you are saying that he is of sound mind because of his grammar.

It’s just evil the way these Jews lie. There’s no other word for it.

If they wanted to blame the right wing for this, they could have claimed that they were agitating the mentally unsound. That is at least an argument that deals with the facts.

But in actuality, it is the people flooding the country with immigrants that are agitating the mentally unsound. And we might also note that the hundreds of billions of euros that have been spent on Angela Merkel’s lunatic program to ethnically cleanse Germany of white people could have been used for Germans and on such programs as – I don’t know – mental health services, maybe.

But ultimately the fact is that this shooting is not political, because the person who did it was so unstable. People on both sides can try to politicize it, but it is dishonest. It is obviously less dishonest for me to say that it was Merkel’s fault for agitating the mentally ill, because at least I’m being honest about the fact that he was mentally ill. But when someone is this disturbed, there is a likelihood that he would have killed someone else if not these Moslems. His schizophrenia wasn’t caused by immigration, any more than it was caused by the AfD.