Smoking Weed on Joe Rogan can be Bad for Business

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2018

Joe Rogan, who has a Jew wife, appears to have entrapped the Jew-fighter and anti-Semitic troll Elon Musk in a “new reality paradigm” – a reality paradigm in which all of his shit is fucked up.

The Air Force is talking about revoking his security clearance.

The Verge:

After a full day of the internet intimately dissecting Elon Musk’s pot use, reports began to surface that the US Air Force has opened an investigation into the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s drug habit, since SpaceX is a government launch provider. However, an Air Force official tells The Verge that those reports are premature and that the military hasn’t figured out what it’s going to do.

“It’s inaccurate that there is an investigation. We’ll need time to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation,” an Air Force spokesperson told The Verge.

Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino tweeted that the US Air Force had begun to look into Elon Musk’s smoking, and a story from CNBC then followed. It seems that the initial reports surfaced simply because Gasparino had asked the office about it in the first place, and the Air Force suggested it would follow up with the inquiry.

Not good…

Furthermore, his companies may or may not be rising up against him.

Business Live:

There was a time when Elon Musk’s live-streamed puff of marijuana would have only enhanced the image of an iconoclastic business magnate who cannot be bothered by social conventions in his quest to change the world.

But an ill-advised tweet in August by the SA-born Tesla CEO, who matriculated from Pretoria Boys’ High, led to serious questions about his stability and self-medication, changing the narrative in ways he seems not to have grasped.

“It’s particularly troubling given the issues that he has had already,” said Kabrina Chang, an associate professor at the Boston University Questrom School of Business in the US, who studies corporate ethics and labour laws.

“If I were a board member or investor, this would not give me a ton of confidence that he’s moving in that direction. It does not seem like forward progress in terms of governance and professionalism of Tesla.”

He’s moving some guy to a new position because of this drama in an attempt to reassure that he is not losing his grip.


Outside of Tesla Inc., Jerome Guillen is hardly a household name.

But to some of the earliest, die-hard customers who bought Tesla’s first Model S sedans, a fixer is getting the promotion he deserves, and chief executive officer Elon Musk is getting help he desperately needs.

On Friday, Musk announced that Guillen, the brains behind the Model 3 assembly line built, against all odds, under a tent outside Tesla’s car factory, had been elevated to the new position of automotive president. The cobbled-together line was instrumental to the company finally delivering on a production target this summer — a feat that faded from the headlines largely due to Musk’s questionable antics. Almost a month to the day after publicly starting a short-lived effort to take Tesla private, he smoked marijuana with a comedian on a live-streamed podcast.

In Guillen, 46, Tesla has promoted a skilled multitasker who’s proven able to operate at the breakneck speed his abrasive boss demands. Some investors have called for the carmaker to find a Musk whisperer along the lines of Gwynne Shotwell — the chief operating officer who helps him run Space Exploration Technologies Corp. — so that the CEO can navigate his way back from a dramatic period that’s raised questions about his well-being.

“Jerome is great,” Musk wrote in an email to Bloomberg News, weeks before he announced the promotion. “He has made a huge difference to Tesla many times over.”

I don’t think he is losing his grip.

I think he never really had much of a grip to begin with.

He was a creation of the media, because they wanted him to exist. They projected all of this stuff onto a guy with autism who got lucky with PayPal and made him into this cultural icon that they had wanted to roll out – the conscious tech mogul with a weird accent who is working to make the world a better place through technological innovation guided by humanism.

But he’s really just a goofy autist who says weird shit.

Serves him right.

He trusted Joe Rogan.

Screenshot because Roosh will be banned from Twitter any moment. Shocking he’s lasted this long.

It’s a real shame about Joe.

Shame about AJ too.

Khazar milkers get right-wing guys every time, I guess.