Small Businesses Won’t be Able to Manage Biden Mandate (Coincidentally Beneficial to Big Business)

The ruling elite are morally superior to the middle class. That’s why they have all the money and the middle class is being wiped out by highly moral measures to force-vaccinate the population.

This morning, I couldn’t open my front door, because there was a pile of bodies on the sidewalk, most of them children – all dead from the Delta variant. There’s no room in the morgues, and even the mobile morgues are so busy that people just have to stack the bodies on the sidewalk and let them rot.

I had to climb out my window onto the pile of bodies, and climb down the body pile to the street. There were then two corpses on the hood of my truck. I was going to clean then off, but decided to just let them slide off as I drove.

When I arrived at Taco Bell for my breakfast burrito, the entire parking lot was so filled up with corpses that I had to enter the fast food joint through a hatch on the roof, after climbing up a pile of corpses.

Half the kitchen staff had already died from the Delta variant that morning, and the rest of the staff was stuffing their corpses in the bathroom, hoping that the governor’s mobile morgues will come clean them up sometime this week.

And still the Republicans are saying we shouldn’t wear masks?

USA Today:

U.S. businesses are giving a mixed reception to President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate for firms with 100 or more employees, with many larger companies or their trade groups welcoming the directive even as smaller businesses are bristling.

Some companies say the order imposes yet another burden that could intensify historic worker shortages and supply-chain bottlenecks.

Meanwhile, details such as precisely how the plan will be carried out and who bears the costs will likely remain unclear until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues an “emergency temporary standard” that will implement the requirement, legal experts say.

Apparently the burden for confirming that the employee is vaxed will be on the employer, and the employer holds all the liability.

It’s similar to how groceries are required to verify the age of alcohol and tobacco purchasers.

Of course, the “proof of vaccination” is just a paper card, which is impossible to confirm the authenticity of.

What they’re obviously going to do is implement some kind of technological solution, a la e-verify. They will probably literally use the same software that was supposed to be used for illegal immigrants but was never implemented.

The order is expected to cover about 80 million private-sector workers and the vast majority of about 4 million federal workers.

On Thursday, Biden ordered firms with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested at least weekly for COVID-19. A separate executive order will require vaccinations for federal workers in the executive branch and contractors.

“Business Roundtable welcomes the Biden Administration’s continued vigilance in the fight against COVID,” the group, which represents the nation’s leading companies, said in a statement. “Over the past several weeks many companies have decided to implement a vaccine mandate for some or all of their employees, a decision we applaud.”

Big businesses support it because it will make things more difficult for small businesses.

It’s like how Jeff Bezos pays AOC to lobby for a $15 minimum wage, because he has the money to pay that and knows that it will hurt his competition that doesn’t have the money to pay that.

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It’s all a coincidence.

Many companies that were reluctant to impose a vaccine requirement that may be unpopular with some staffers likely welcome Biden’s order, says Karla Grossenbacher, head of the labor and employment practice for Seyfarth Shaw in Washington D.C.

“This will provide employers with some cover,” she says.

Yet big firms with hundreds or thousands of employees “will have an easier time complying because they have the large human resources departments to ensure employees are vaccinated or tested weekly, says James Sullivan, co-chair of law firm Cozen O’Connor’s OSHA-workplace safety practice group.

“Many smaller employers aren’t equipped” to deal with those logistics, he adds, and will have to bear the expense of giving employees paid time off to get vaccinated or recover from the shot, as Biden’s order requires.

“Small businesses face daily challenges from pandemic requirements, locating qualified workers, rampant inflation, and supply-chain disruptions,” says Kevin Kuhlman, vice president of federal government relations for the National Federation of Independent Business. “Additional mandates, enforcement, and penalties will further threaten the fragile small business recovery.”


It’s amazing the way all of this coronavirus bullshit ends up helping banks and mega-corporations, while hurting everyone else.

What a lucky coincidence for the people that pushed this agenda. They pushed it because they’re highly moral and so very worried people will die from a virus, and it just happened to be a massive financial benefit to them.

If you think that isn’t a coincidence, you’re a QAnon terrorist.

Mehtab Bhogal, co-CEO of Forever Floral, which sells handcrafted, artificial floral bouquets online, says he doesn’t have the HR staff to deal with the vaccination or testing of his 130 employees.

“It will eat up time and time is money,” he says, reckoning the tasks will consume 150 to 200 hours for his chief operating officer and production manager.

Bhogal says he’s already struggling to attract and hold onto employees because of the worker shortages, and the mandate will intensify those strains. He notes the company is based in Ogden, Utah, a conservative area that tends to view federal mandates warily.

“I assume I’ll lose 30% of my workforce,” he says. He says he also can’t absorb the cost of weekly testing and likely would only hire vaccinated job candidates.

“It feels like (the government) is kind of making employers do their dirty work so they avoid liability,” Bhogal adds. “It’s creating a lot of unnecessary headaches for us.”


People are dying, Bhogal.

We’re trying to save lives.

The federal government is doing this because they love everyone so much.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that the big mommy government doesn’t love her little biddy babies is a terrorist.

I’m sorry if you don’t like that everything about this only benefits the super-rich, but maybe that is just karma – the super rich who control the banks and corporations are the most moral and righteous people, and that’s why when they do the right thing, they make such huge amounts of money by destroying small businesses.