Sluts Must be Drafted to Fight Democracy War Against the Chinese

I’m doing my best to point out that the “Wuhan Lab Leak Hypothesis” is a Jewish hoax foisted on the population to start a war with the Chinese.

However, I am fighting against the tide here. Most right-wingers are just as excited as Biden’s people are for a war against China.

So, my focus right now is on something else: lobby for a female draft, so that women have to be killed and have their limbs blown off in this war for revenge against a fake virus.

I want to see parades of women in wheelchairs with missing limbs.

That is the cost of freedom.


The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether it’s sex discrimination for the government to require only men to register for the draft when they turn 18.

The question of whether it’s unconstitutional to require men but not women to register could be viewed as one with little practical impact. The last time there was a draft was during the Vietnam War, and the military has been all-volunteer since. But the registration requirement is one of the few remaining places where federal law treats men and women differently, and women’s groups are among those arguing that allowing it to stand is harmful.

The justices could say as soon as Monday whether they will hear a case involving the Military Selective Service Act, which requires men to register for the draft.

Ria Tabacco Mar, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project, who is urging the court to take up the issue, says requiring men to register imposes a “serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women.”

Men who do not register can lose eligibility for student loans and civil service jobs, and failing to register is also a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and five years in prison. But Tabacco Mar says the male-only requirement does more than that.

It’s also sending a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict. We think those stereotypes demean both men and women,” she said.

Yes, exactly.

Women are perfectly fit to have their stupid fat arms and legs blown off in a war for the Jews based on a retarded virus hoax.

We need to seal the deal. These women must sign up. Time is running short. We have to seal the deal for equity once and for all.

China attacked our democracy with a fake virus.

Now it’s time for us to attack their democracy by sending a bunch of women to have their limbs blown off.