Sluts Kicked Out of High School for Dressing Like Whores, Liberals Scream for Rape Education

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2014

The bra strap revolt of Canada School, 2014
The bra strap revolt of Canada School, 2014

Slutty girls across Canada are getting kicked out of school for dressing like whores, and the liberal establishment is screaming that we need to “educate” boys not to be distracted by half-naked women.

National Post:

A Labrador high school is under fire after sending home more than two dozen students for sporting bare shoulders, allegedly because it would “distract” male students, as a tug-of-war against dress codes grows in schools across the country.

“I was in class for maybe 10 minutes, and when I got out of my desk the teacher looked at me and told me — in front of all the students — that I should go to the office,” said Maddie Pynn, a Grade 11 student at Menihek High School whose dress was deemed to be too short, despite her wearing shorts underneath.

After changing into a longer dress, she said she returned only to be sent home again for excessive perfume.

Ms. Pynn was ultimately one of between 20 and 30 students sent home as part of a Wednesday crackdown on revealing clothing.

And although the policy is outwardly gender neutral, several Menihek students claim they were explicitly told that their bare shoulders would invite unneeded attention from male students.

“I’ve heard teachers say that [the dress code exists] because teenage boys will be boys; it’s a distraction to males,” said Ms. Pynn.

Obviously, girls dress sexy for the purpose of getting attention from men. This is simply a blatant and clear reality that does not need to be further elaborated on in any way. It is a “the sky is blue” type thing. A self-evident fact.

Ah, but the Jew-ridden liberal establishment has never been into obvious facts. These rats, when addressing this vain behavior from women, refuse to acknowledge vanity and attention-whoring as the cause, and instead say that women dress this way because it is hot outside, and that if men look at their exposed flesh and become distracted, that is somehow the fault of the men.

Because apparently, a man should be able to moralize his way out of his eyes being drawn to a woman’s exposed flesh. Because basic human biology is a social construct. Or… whatever.

“Boys will be boys” is a good phrase to use here, because it addresses the fact that being drawn to women physically is part of the very nature of the male. As I have said before, men and women both have weaknesses – one of a woman’s weaknesses is physical strength, while one of a man’s weaknesses is visual sexual stimulation. A woman using skimpy clothes to influence men is like a man using the strength of his arms to influence women.

That is fair and equal, isn’t it? Men and women are different, they have different biological functions, and they should respect each other.

Oh, but no. The woman must be put above the man.

Think Progress – a liberal site which is basically a poor man’s Raw Story (which is in itself just a crappier version of Huffington Post) – has this to say on the topic of the Canadian crackdown on exposed female parts:

The female students say they weren’t trying to violate the dress code, but they wanted to dress appropriately for the Canadian province’s unseasonably warm weather. Temperatures reached nearly 70 degrees last week, which is “a virtual heat wave in the harsh subarctic city,” according to the National Post.

This has been an recurring issue in Canada this spring. Over the past month, several teen girls across different provinces have been sent home from school for wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. Now, some of them are fighting back against what they perceive as sexist dress codes. Last week, a 14-year-old in Ottawa wore a spaghetti strap shirt specifically to protest her school’s policy. And a 15-year-old in Quebec recently started hanging up signs around her high school telling school administrators, “It’s hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.”

Dress code issues certainly aren’t specific to our neighbor to the north. Here in the United States, schools across the country work to police girls’ necklines and hemlines so they aren’t a “distraction” to their male peers. Girls have been kicked out of prom for wearing short skirts, banned from wearing leggings to class, and even photoshopped to appear as though they’re showing less skin in their yearbook photos. There’s a common thread running throughout these examples: The assumption that it’s young women’s responsibility to cover up their bodies because men just can’t help themselves. Dress code critics point out that’s the same cultural attitude that contributes to rape culture and the normalization of violence against women.

Ha!  “Rape culture,” says writer Tara Culp-Ressler.

Seventy degrees though, that’s like a Holocaust.  I can’t imagine covering my legs past the knees in that kind of heat, let alone wearing a top which covered my bra.

Right?  I mean, am I right?

Seriously though, Tara – what is a mostly naked woman if not a sex object?  You expect us to actually believe that the girls do this not to draw attention from boys, but because it is hot outside?  What about every society throughout all of history, which would have assumed girls dressed like this were either prostitutes or severely desperate for a man in their life?

Reality does exist, and the purpose of a man being intrigued by a woman’s body – the biological purpose of this biological reality – is that the woman should be able to draw the man in, as she needs him to protect her.  This is a fact of nature, which has absolutely zero to do with your retard politics, which are just goofy excuses for women attempting to dominate men by abusing their biological nature.

The idea of “teaching” boys to shut off a biological drive simply could not be any more retarded.  The only way you could do this would be with some type of testosterone-nullifying medication.  Because the sight of a scantily-clad woman causes a chemical reaction in the brains of men.  This is a biological reality.  It cannot be changed because of you think it should be changed, it could only be changed through some manner of neurological disruption process involving chemicals.

I don’t blame the girls involved.  They are growing up in a culture where they are taught to use their sexuality not for securing a mate – which, again, is the purpose of female sex appeal – but as a means of achieving power within society.  I don’t even blame Tara Culp-Ressler for this crap she wrote.

You know who I blame?

The Jews who created this nonsense and pushed it on the people.