Slovenian ZOGbots Gas Crowd of Protesters Who Don’t Believe in Stupid Virus Hoax



Police in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana clashed with crowds demonstrating against Covid restrictions, deploying horse-mounted officers, tear gas and water cannon to disperse people on the eve of today’s European Union summit there.

Hundreds of demonstrators on Tuesday took to the streets of Ljubljana to oppose the government’s pandemic measures, with a video on Twitter showing seas of people marching along roads.

Other footage showed mounted riot-control police on horseback and demonstrators being hit with water cannon fired from a truck.

A video apparently captured thick white plumes of tear gas moving across a road in the center of the capital as vehicles drove through the mist.

The leader of the protest movement has reportedly been detained by law enforcement.

The demo came the day before European leaders met in Ljubljana, which is currently chairing the EU Council presidency, on Wednesday to hold talks with Western Balkan countries that aspire to become members of the bloc.

While the protests coincided with the arrival of EU officials, the rally was part of a string of similar demonstrations in recent weeks to decry the Slovenian government and its handling of the pandemic.

The ALLEGED pandemic.

Can we not get an “alleged” in there, RT?

Nah, I very much appreciate RT taking the time to do all of these reports on what is going on with the uprisings in Europe (and Australia). There is so little coverage of it in English at all, and I think that when RT embeds these tweets, it makes Twitter less likely to delete them.

It is really an amazing thing, that you have a movement that is the single biggest protest movement in my lifetime happening in Europe, and the American media is talking about Fauci’s latest statements about how maybe you won’t have a Christmas.

They’re making memes about “The Fauci Who Stole Christmas.”

I would have went with “The Fauc Who Stole Christmas.” That just sounds funnier.

The Fauc can’t decide whether he’s going to steal Christmas or not, but Jen Psaki says that the federal government will honor his decision.

Someone needs to ask the Fauc why millions of people on the streets of Europe protesting in mobs without masks are not dropping dead from this disease.

Or does anyone really need to ask him that?

Are we even pretending this is about a disease anymore?

It’s all so tiresome.

I just want to be left alone. That’s all.