Slovenian Schools are Pitting Kids Against Their Own Parents for Views on Immigration

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
March 16, 2016


Some schools in Slovenia have been using their influence over children’s minds to push a pro-mass illegal immigration agenda, despite most people in the country being overwhelmingly against it.

In the municipality of Šenčur, children have had their and their parent’s beliefs questioned by school administration. They have even been blatantly told not to go to anti-mass immigration protests with their parents.

It has been shown that even in Šenčur we do not all stand up to the extreme politics of protest organizers” wrote Slovenian newspaper, Dnevnik.

(Some would argue that destroying borders is more of an “extreme” position than keeping them.)

And, for example, on Monday we joined teachers and students from an elementary school in Šenčur.

The school administration’s speaker said that in a democratic society everyone has right to voice their beliefs, but only up to the limit of endangering the equal right of another.

He condemned the propagation of hatred towards foreigners, and urged children not to follow the protesters and to continue to help collect aid for refugees in distress.

There was a similar case in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia,  where a teacher told children that being against mass immigration was “racism” and “xenophobia“. The teacher then asked the children what they and their parents thought about immigration.

One girl came home crying to her mother because she had to lie and say they were not against mass immigration. Clearly, this is putting children under a lot of pressure to conform to the views of those in power.

When the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport were asked about whether they agreed with inciting children against their parents, this is what they said:

The law on the Organization and Financing of Education stipulates that the education system is based on nurturing mutual tolerance, developing the awareness of gender equality, respect for diversity [code word for White genocide] and cooperation with others, respect for children’s and human rights and fundamental freedoms, developing equal opportunities for both sexes and thereby developing skills for life in a democratic society.

It is particularly important in these times to be tolerant.

Yes, whenever there are dictators in power who don’t care a lick about democracy

or public opinion, it certainly does pay to bow down and worship the agenda they push!

The elites of most Western countries are anti-White, and they want to destroy all White majorities on the planet.

This is White genocide. They can scream “diversity” or “tolerance” as loud as they like . . . but what they are DOING is legally classed as genocide.