Slovenia Suspends Deadly Johnson & Johnson Vax After 20-Year-Old Dies from Brain Bleeding

A Johnson & Johnson representative explains vaccine safety to kook Slovenian conspiracy theorists.

It looks like QAnon kooks have taken over Slovenia again.

Obviously, this death is a total coincidence.

Tens of thousands of people have died after taking coronavirus vaccines, and every time it has been a complete coincidence. In every case, the media has explained that the person just died for literally no reason.

What are the chances that this time, the random death is related?


Slovenia will stop administering Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine while it investigates the death of a 20-year-old woman which could have been related to the jab, the country’s health minister has said.

A young woman who was inoculated with the J&J jab two weeks ago died on Tuesday after developing “blood clots and bleeding in the brain at the same time,” according to medics.

The tragic news prompted the Slovenian authorities to temporarily suspend the use of the Janssen vaccine, Health Minister Janez Poklukar announced during a press conference on Wednesday.

The J&J shots will remain frozen until the probe into the possible link between the woman’s death and the jab is completed, he added.

Some 120,000 people in Slovenia have already been injected with the vaccine, and this is the second case of adverse effects following inoculation, Poklukar said. He insisted, however, that “the benefits of vaccination outweigh the potential complications from it.” 

The benefit is that this woman could have contracted an alleged virus which is alleged to only have a 99.997% survival rate.

With odds like that, taking an experimental vaccine that no one knows the long term affects of is just common sense.

No rational person would risk a .003% chance of death.

The statistical likelihood is that this woman died of the coronavirus, and she would have been saved if she’d taken the vax sooner.