Slovenia Starts on Their Fence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2015

Every fences begins with rolling one metal circle thing.
Every fences begins with rolling one metal circle thing.

Good plan, Slovenia. Push this onto Croatia, and keep refusing to publicly state anything against the bitch Merkel.


Trucks carrying wire fencing arrived in the Slovenian village of Veliki Obrez close to the border with Croatia early on Wednesday, a day after the government said it would start erecting barriers to control the flow of migrants.

Large numbers of soldiers and police were at the scene, some guarding construction equipment, a Reuters photographer there said.

Slovenia is the smallest country on a major route for refugees and migrants heading north on their way to Austria and then Germany.

About 180,000 people, many fleeing war in Syria and Afghanistan, have entered the Alpine state since mid October, when Hungary fenced off its border with Croatia and pushed the migrant route towards it western neighbour.

Prime Minister Miro Cerar said on Tuesday the border would remain open, but the fence would help control the flow of people.

He said his country would not have the resources to shelter large numbers of migrants over the harsh winter if Austria shut its border, creating a bottleneck.

Yeah, let Croatia deal with these freezing hajis.

I want to say this is different than Hungary. Hungary was vocal speaking out against Merkel before they closed the border. And after. Slovenia, Croatia and Austria are building fences, trapping these monkeys in other countries, but not speaking out.

Everyone needs to say: Merkel, if you want these people, come get them.

"The internet is so slow... there are no cigarettes... hookers are overworked..."
“The internet is so slow… there are no cigarettes… hookers are overworked…”

She invited them. When she invited them, she should have arranged transportation to pick them up from Turkey. Instead, she told them to walk through all these other countries. That right there was in itself completely insane, and should have been the point where the whole of Europe called for her removal, being mentally unfit to lead.

But no. Instead, it just went on, and it’s still going on and on.

But the EU continues to collapse. There is no coming back from this. So I suppose we should be thanking Merkel.