Slovaks Boycott Company Over Obscene Race-Mixing Advertisement

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2017

It’s hard to ignore the media/advertisement meme of the heroic black man and his white female sidekick, fighting against White Male Heteronormative Patriarchy and making the world safe for Jews.

In the nation of Slovakia, there are hardly any blacks, and society is very hostile to interracial anything. Even in the United States, where whites are slated to become a minority soon and the Jew-dominated culture intensely pushes miscegenation, whites are the least likely to date interracially. If ads like this were really about promoting some “It’s A Small World After All” lovey-dovey message, you would see different kinds of combinations: Asian woman and white man, black woman and white man, Mexican with black, etc., all of which are either as common or far more common than the black man/white woman pairing.


A Slovakian sportswear firm called Nebbia has promised to refund customers offended by its advert featuring a black Norwegian bodybuilder – on condition that they send their requests to an email address that reads “I am racist” in Slovak.

In a series of blog posts, Nebbia CEO Martin Pecko threw himself into the uproar sparked by photographs posted on Nebbia Žilina’s Facebook page on February 3 that featured a black male athlete alongside a white female model. Žilina is a city of about 85,000 people in northwestern Slovakia.

Comments on the photo quickly turned into a heated racial debate on immigration and multiculturalism, with some of the most disturbing comments describing the black athlete as “a monkey in clothes” and “a murderer.” One commenter promised to boycott the company, while another warned that the ad campaign would only “discourage” potential buyers, as majority-white Slovaks wouldn’t relate to it.

“The person in our picture is our good friend Dennis. He’s European, just like you. [He] has a university degree, a figure that you’ll never have, and a beautiful wife at home (who is white and blond),” Pecko wrote in an entry from February 7 on the company’s blog.

As the controversy began making headlines in the local media, Pecko tried to avoid getting caught up in a debate on immigration, saying that his post should not be read as a political statement.

Intercultural tensions are running high in Slovakia, which has been traversed by thousands of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East taking the so-called Balkan route to Western Europe in hopes of being granted asylum. Slovakia has been a strong critic of an EU Commission scheme to redistribute the refugees across Europe.

This is not about tolerance or being color-blind, this is a middle finger, someone pulling down their pants to moon you – it is meant to be obscene because the black man/white woman couple is the most viscerally and universally offensive. Jews paint this portrait to create a fake parallel universe, one meant to gaslight and mock white men and seeks to meme an untenable feminist-Negro political alliance into reality. The results of this decades long campaign is mixed (even liberal white women prefer to date within their own race), but the intent is wholly Jewish.

For years, Jews in America have tried a number of angles to try and sell black men as sexy to white women: sensitive and smart blacks on TV, black action heroes in movies, black penis myths selectively featured in porn, wealthy blacks showing off their high social proof in rap videos, etc.

Their latest trick is feeding Africans a cycle of Anavar with their serving of plumpy’nut, then trying to persuade white women who aren’t fat or mentally ill to sleep with a light-bulb headed nig-nog because his abs are visible.

In Slovakia, where National Socialists are nipping at the heels of the ruling plutocracy in an election year, not only will the backtracking Martin Pecko (I assume he is a Gentile) fail in his attempt to use shock-value to build his business, this may very well be the end of his sportswear company. His initial “virtuous” defiance has turned him into a deer caught in the head lights – that’s what happens when you live in a country where Jews don’t totally control the vox populi.

Stuff like this only works in the Anglosphere because our press suppresses criticism and we are not given any choices.