Slovakian People’s Party is Rising – Prime Minister Fico Shrieks in Fear

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2017

Slovakia is a small and relatively poor nation on the eastern periphery of the European Union, inundated on the street by gypsy crime and defecated upon from the top by both foreign and domestic capitalists who control the crony government. Despite being forgotten and abused by the Brussels globalists, the Slovakian folk are beginning to unite under the banner of the People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS).

The organization continues in the tradition of Father Jozef Tiso’s Slovak People’s Party, which was a crucial early ally of the Third Reich and shared its worldview. Its leader is Marian Kotleba, a charismatic man of the people known for going to rural areas and organizing farmers and working people in grassroots demonstrations against corrupt politicians and Gypsy organized crime nests. The organization is adamant about opposing the Jew and uses its parliamentary power to combat Zionist and Jewish influence even though the law forbids it. When talk of importing rapeugees courtesy of Angela Merkel came to Slovakia, Kotleba led an impressive march that spooked the ruling Social Democrats into refusal, and outnumbered the pro-rapeugee paid protesters exponentially.

People’s Party Our Slovakia recently joined the European nationalist parliamentary bloc, the Alliance for Peace and Freedom (AFP) besides Golden Dawn, Forza Nuova and NPD. Within this group fighting for white existence, the Slovaks have the most seats in their national parliament along with Golden Dawn.

With another round of elections coming up in Slovakia, Prime Minister Fico appears nervous at polls showing the party increasing its influence.  This marks the first time Fico has even publicly mentioned the party, even though the group elected 14 MPs to the halls of power in 2016 after they got 8% of the national vote – outdoing the 1.5% pollsters were giving them right before the triumph.

(((Emily Tamkin))) writes for Foreign Policy Magazine:

“Some people say that fascism is creeping here in Slovakia. It’s not creeping here, it’s present here.”So said Robert Fico, prime minister of Slovakia. He was speaking at the 72nd anniversary of the Nazi immolation of pair of central Slovak villages — Klak and Ostry Grun — in which 148 citizens were massacred by fire.

In 2013, that region elected Marián Kotleba of the extreme far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) their regional governor. Last March, the party became the fifth-most popular in the country, and gained 14 seats in the Slovak parliament by decrying both the Roma minority and immigrants, appealing to those who felt left behind by an economy that has nearly doubled since Slovakia joined the European Union in 2004.

“Don’t take it as a reproach,” Fico said, before offering the reproach, “I don’t get it how the man and the party openly avowing fascism could have gained such support in the general elections in the villages where murders and atrocities committed by fascism were so evident.” He then called on the Slovak people to beat back fascism in regional elections this autumn.

A powerful anniversary speech, surely. But was it borne out of principle or politics?

Fico is the leader of the center-left Direction-Social Democracy party (Smer-SD). Fico’s party is the largest in parliament; still, it lost seats in the last parliamentary election, while the second, third, fourth, and fifth largest parties all made gains. Fico’s speech could have been as much about trying to stop the bleeding ahead of regional elections, as about really fighting fascism.

Fico, prime minister since 2012 (and for a term that ended in 2010), has “never openly criticized these fascists he talks about now,” said Stanislav Matejka of GLOBSEC, a Bratislava-based think tank, who believes Fico is indeed just gearing up for regional elections. “This is the first time, and considering that SMER controls the Ministry of Interior and the Police, today’s statement sounds absurd a bit, to say the least … He is in no position to lament, he is in position of power.”

What’s more, Fico may have even contributed to an environment that fostered far-right sympathies. Last May, he gave an interview in which he said, “Islam has no place in Slovakia … The problem is not migrants coming in, rather in them changing the face of the country.”

Slovakia has repeatedly refused to take in refugees, which, Matejka argued, may have served to further fascism by undermining people’s trust in their institutions. “He was unable to build up the trust of people in state institutions, and, instead of reassuring the public during the peak of migration crisis that our police and other state institution will keep us safe from those among migrants who are ill-willed, he instead went other way and said he will not allow a community of Muslims in Slovakia to be created,” he explained. Indeed, as EU president in the second half of 2016, Slovakia presented a plan that to focus efforts on deportations instead of taking people in. Last November, Fico called journalists “dirty, anti-Slovak prostitutes.” Last December, Slovakia approved a law that effectively prohibited Islam from being a state religion, which seems unnecessary: There are roughly 2,000 Muslims in Slovakia, out of a population of over 5 million.

Jews like this journalist Emily Tamkin are cruel with their pets. Rather than trying to meet this puppet Fico half way and realize that his people will rip him out of office and execute him in the street if he opens up the floodgates to non-white immigration, they choose to blast him for not doing exactly what they say.

Like Viktor Orban, Fico talks a half-decent game on immigration, but remains a shill for the EU, making all of his other positions ultimately irrelevant.

It seems that in Slovakia, like everywhere else in the world, Columbia and Oxford Jew-trained “journalists”/foreign agents have lost their ability to control the public mind – Fico’s playing with a handicap in other words.

As with Viktor Orban, Fico’s real problem is far more radical opponents are clipping at his heels.

Power to Kotleba!