Slovakia Implements Lockdown Only for Purebloods

Remember when I told you that if one country does something it necessarily means other countries are going to do that thing? Because this entire program is being run by transnational globalist organizations?

It just makes me sick that no one listens to me.


Slovakia has become the latest European country to implement lockdown restrictions on people who haven’t had the Covid vaccine, as it seeks to prevent a resurgence in infections and hospital admissions over the winter.

Slovakian Prime Minister Eduard Heger announced the new measures in a press conference on Thursday, declaring a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” after the country reported a record number of new cases.

The new restrictions in Slovakia, which come into effect on Monday, will require people to have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid in the past six months to enter restaurants, non-essential shops, or public events.

In the past few days, the European nation has seen record numbers of new infections, including over 8,000 on Tuesday, with hospitals running out of space to treat Covid patients.

Slovakia has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the European Union, with over 50% of individuals still not jabbed. The country of around 5.5 million has so far only inoculated 2.5 million people against the virus.

Who knows if the United States or the UK will do this. Probably, they won’t do it full-on, off the bat. But the Biden people are planning to ban the pureblooded from interstate travel. Once that policy comes in, it will be permanent. They will also likely endorse the vaccine passport system, which will ban the pureblooded from most large businesses.

We don’t know what measures are coming, but we do know that this winter, things are going to be a lot more extreme than they are now, more extreme than they ever have been before.

The fact that the Joe Biden administration is collapsing in on itself is just all the more reason for them to restrict the people.

By the way – these measures against the unvaxed will all be applied to the vaxed at various points in the future. The vaxed are not actually going to get any privileges. As we’ve seen in Ireland and Gibraltar, submitting to this vax system does not improve your life. All it does is destroy your body.