Slovak PM: “We are Not Responsible for Libya, Iraq and Syria”

Daily Stormer
July 5, 2015

Prime Minister Robert Fico
Prime Minister Robert Fico

The Eastern revolt continues.

Radio Slovakia International:

The Slovak Republic bears no responsibility for the current situation in Libya, Iraq and Syria, and that is why nobody could force us to accept mandatory migrant quotas. Prime Minister Robert Fico said that in the Slovak parliament on Thursday.

“What has Slovakia in common with what had happened in Libya, Iraq or Syria? Absolutely nothing. Have we bombed Libya? Have we liquidated the regime in Iraq? Did we destabilise the situation in Syria? Do we have any relation to these territories? We bear no responsibility for the current situation of these countries. We cannot thus accept somebody making us to take care of people”, said Fico.

How is it possible that Merkel was so dense she didn’t see this coming?

Oh, right…

No Ma'am!
No Ma’am!