Sloppy, Slobbering Pope Gets Down on All Fours to Kiss N-Word Toes… Again

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2019

There is no precedent for this.

No Pope has ever gotten down on his knees to slobber on a nigger’s feet in recorded Papal history.

This pope, on the other hand, goes out of his way to find a nigger and an occasion to prostrate himself.


During a two-day retreat at the Vatican, Pope Francis stunned visiting dignitaries and onlookers alike with a grand gesture of humility by kneeling down to kiss the feet of South Sudan’s formerly warring leaders.

“I am asking you as a brother to stay in peace. I am asking you with my heart, let us go forward,” the 82-year-old pontiff told President Salva Kiir and his rival, the former rebel leader Riek Machar on Thursday. 


Hard to watch that video.

All because the Pope has a savior complex and wants to save all those nigger babes. If they kill each other off in a civil war, there won’t be as many niggers to flood Europe with, and this Pope can’t have that.

Sources within the Vatican have informed me that for his next media stunt, this Pope will gently nurse a flaccid Sudanese HIV-positive penis with his mouth to encourage tolerance and cultural exchange between Europeans and New Europeans.

And the funniest thing is that since Pope Francis is going out there and doing this, it means that the rest of the cardinals and bishops and priests will be expected to start doing the same.

In that sense, I am all for what Pope Francis is doing.

Yes, it is humiliating to watch. But he is also forcing the Church to take sides.

Will the Cardinals get on their knees?

Some will.

But then we’ll know on whose side they stand.

This is a real turning point, a line in the sand that this Pope is drawing. The physical act is similar to a public display of faith.