1. UGH you sick BITCH! What, do you molest your own children?!

  2. leftist are all depraved monsters who are purely evil to their very core.

  3. Translation: We have an awful lot of powerful people who like to have sex with children and would prefer it be legal. This is how jewish oligarchy’s work my good goyim.

    Whatever you say. Can we call you ‘patsy’ with a capital “P” Patricia? Patsy Jewitt! Now they are just plain mocking us. lol.

  4. They simply must be SEPARATED from polite Aryan Society!

  5. An Australian Judge recently stated that Incest laws are outdated since those laws where created to prevent inbreeding and today we have access to contraceptives which apparently makes it all fine. Funny thing is he even said something like “well 50 years ago people didn’t thing it was ok for gays to get married either”. Its a downward spiral

    • You can bet that when genetic engineering is a reality and our technology is advanced enough to cure genetic diseases that these sick fucks will make a massive push for incest (that is if they’re still around by that time).
      EDIT: This is the type of propaganda they will be pushing:

  6. Let’s have Shlomo and Hymie and Netty’s kids be the trial subjects. God knows they all act like they’re touched in the head from something anyway, and the rabbi already sucks the boys off when he does the circumcision…
    Sounds like pedo limey fruits have the walls slowly closing in on them and wanna try and soft-soap people into thinking sexually abusing children just isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be, like when the Catholic church is doing it…

  7. It’s just a logical next step for them.

  8. Liebour are up to their eyes in PIE!!

  9. Relativity theory wasn´t only a phisical scientific theory from Albert Einstein, it looks realtivity has emerged first and foremost as a social ingeniering theory to decompose morality, education, honor and civilization. Reducing as to beasts is their goal, as long as even them have to recognize we haven reched the goyim level yet… If we aren´t by any means what they pretend, we have to become it, their eternal war on reallity nd truth.

  10. And look what Sweden is teaching the kids.

    ‘Anna Kosztovics goes on to describe a ”normal” occurrence where two seven year old boys competed in a hockey game and the loser had to suck the other boys penis after each lost game. The boy that usually won said he mostly won because didn’t like the smell of urine from the other boy’s member. She ends her article by explaining how she considers the subject “wonderful and jittery”.

    Aren’t women always calling men perverts? Well every single time I see this shit it’s women promoting it.


  11. talk to any adult that has been abused as a child and you’ll have your evidence.
    When/if Europe will be free, these monsters that rape and torture tens of thousands of children per year for fun will be my #1 target. Surgical torture under medical supervision for as long as possible is the only punishment good enough for them.

    • As an adult who was sexually abused as a child, and whose mother was sexually abused as a child- it effects us, the very way we interact and perceive. I am still working on ‘forgiveness’, some days I do and other days I wish they would die in a fire and reside in hell for the rest of eternity.

  12. Theo Adorno (JEW) itemized these: 1. depersonalization, the loss of
    connection to one’s own body; 2. hebephrenia, which he defined as “the
    indifference of the sick individual towards the external”; 3. catatonia
    (“a similar behavior is familiar in patients who have been overwhelmed by
    shock”); and 4. necrophilia. Adorno declared, “Universal necrophilia

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