Sleazy Piece of Dog Shit Matt Gaetz Stands with Charlie Kirk Against Groyper/Gropper Alliance

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2019

UPDATE: Matt Gaetz cucks out on anti-American position, says he doesn’t support Charlie Kirks anti-free speech beliefs

After a brief schism of Groyper vs. Gropper, Groyper and Gropper alike came together to run the rat Charlie Kirk off stage in California on Sunday.

Many people were shocked to see the rat Kirk escaping out the back with the son of the President, Donald J. Trump Jr., and his slutty plastic surgery girlfriend.

However, even as there was shock, there were many laughs, because you get what you fucking deserve.

But the fiendish sicko Congressman Matt Gaetz AKA “Matt Gayass” was not laughing. His shock turned to hatred, as he rallied behind the small-faced rat Kirk.

We thought maybe Matt Gaetz was okay.

But we should have known he was not okay when we saw he was a fat little bitch.

Imagine climbing on the sinking ship of Charlie Kirk.

Imagine doing so after seeing the event on Sunday, where Kirk humiliated the President’s son, and it is obvious he’ll now be fired.

This is like coming out and saying “I stand with Kevin Spacey” after it was revealed he anally rapes teenage boys.

I mean, I’m just going to assume that when he tweeted that, he hadn’t seen the video footage.

Where the old plastic surgery bitch called the crowd incels after they said they didn’t care about her “women’s business owner” bullshit and wanted a wall.

Gaetz is the first sitting Congressman, other than Zioclops himself, to come out in support of the “Anal, Israel and Immigration” agenda of TPUSA. And he will probably be the last.

I think Charlie’s gonna get fired soon.

The phones are ringing off the hook at the yikes department, I can tell you that much, friend.

And just imagine: we’re just getting started.