Sleazy Pusbag Mittens “The Rat” Romney Says He’ll Help the Usurper Joe Biden Destroy America

Mitt Romney is an oozing, infected open wound on the face of the American nation. If we want to see just how deep the rot goes, we have to look no further than Mittens the Scoundrel.

The fiend Mittens all but endorsed Joe Biden for president, while also going around trying to wind up the blacks to riot against the president. Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist, communist organization that seeks to destroy America and openly stated that they want to “abolish the nuclear family.”

Somehow, the ostensibly “conservative” Mittens not only publicly endorsed this organization, but actually went out marching with them, demanding a destruction of the white male patriarchy.

Unsurprisingly, this anti-American traitor and virulent Jew-lover Romney is endorsing Joe Biden’s fraudulent claim that he’s won the presidential election.

Appearing on Fox News on Sunday with the sneaky snake Jew Chris Wallace, Mittens said that he will help Joe Biden get all of his cabinet confirmed in the Senate.

Having Mittens is not different than having yet another Democrat in the Senate.

Although frankly, it won’t matter how many Republicans we have in the Senate soon, as the fake president Joe Biden is planning to stack the Senate by adding D.C. and Puerto Rico as states.

The good news is this: thus far, Mittens the filthy traitor is the only major Republican to endorse the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s fraudulent claim of winning the presidency.

As of Monday, the majority of Republicans are either endorsing Trump’s claim to the throne and calling out this fraud, or they are remaining silent.

We are in a good position on that front.

We are also not in a bad position on the media front.

Yes, Judge Jeanine was shut down.

But most of the rest of the Fox News hosts are holding strong, and they are on air.

Mark Levin is not my favorite Jew (that would probably be Michael Savage, frankly), but Jew or not, he went on Fox last night with Kenneth Starr and they went all in on saying that this entire process was illegal.

That bald British guy whose name I will never remember also went all in, having on Tammy Bruce to call this entire thing a hoax.

Tammy said the same thing that I’ve said: if we’re going to get this fixed in the Supreme Court, we need something that covers all of the states in question, and the thing that appears to do that is the situation with the Dominion Voting Systems “malfunction.”

Dominion makes both hardware and software that were used across the entire country in this election, and in Michigan, one of their machines was caught redhanded flipping 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden.Β  That means that none of the other votes that were entered with these machines can be considered valid.

That means that every contested state that used these machines needs to vote again, without these machines.

This issue of Dominion gives the Supreme Court the opportunity to say, “okay, we’re going to have to do this again.”

Of course, if the court sides with Biden, Trump maintains the option of declaring martial law and shutting down the “democratic process” completely.

It looks to me like a good number of Congressmen, as well as very many media figures, would support Trump in a declaration of martial law. He could then arrest the members of the media pushing this hoax as being part of a seditious conspiracy, and he could arrest Biden himself.

He has the numbers for that kind of action, and he probably has the infrastructure.

But I will tell you: if I were him, I would do it even if I knew I was going to lose. He is nearly 75 years old. This would create the awesome legacy that such a man as he deserves.

And frankly, the worst case scenario is that the country breaks apart. I think it’s clear that he would be able to uphold a declaration of martial law in the red states. So if the coasts want to break off, then we should go ahead and let them.

It isn’t a fantasy that Trump will take such an action. It is within the realm of possibility that he will do that if the Supreme Court vote doesn’t go his way.

The best way for us to encourage him to do that is to be out in the street.

What he needs to do is start doing rallies, right now. He needs to go on tour, throughout the contested states and throughout the states that voted for him. The people need to see him and to know that he is ready to lead them into war.

Mr. President: get it together and get out there.

We are waiting for you to tell us what the next move is.