Sky News Interviews Black Gang Members Wearing Monkey Masks

Diversity Macht Frei
July 26, 2018

I still can’t believe they did this. Sky News interviewed members of London’s negro gangs and had them wear monkey masks to protect their anonymity.

Asked why he carries a knife, one negro replies. “It’s 2018, bro.”

In the current year, apparently, carrying knives and wearing monkey masks is considered de rigueur in the African gang community. Anything less would be a major fashion faux pas, resulting inevitably in peer rejection and social ostracism. It’s 2018! Thousands of years of civilisational development have led to this! People used to use animal bones and clubs! But those were primitive times! This is 2018! We have knives!

Sky News does it best to put a politically correct spin on this, hinting that blacks are the victims of some mysterious injustice, perhaps perpetrated by Whitey.

Becoz of Whitey’s racism, of course.

Africans exhibit this pattern of group-based violence in Africa and everywhere else they have settled. There must have been a time, in the Dark Continent long ago, when this type of behaviour was of immense evolutionary advantage. The Africans who had no inclination to form or join fighting bands didn’t survive. Their genes were taken out of the gene pool, leaving only gang-attracted Africans behind.

Almost as if by the benevolence of some deity, the Saharan desert shielded the rest of the human race from Africans. But disastrous slave and immigration policies have now thrown that protection away. Africa’s dodgy genes are now the world’s problem.


Here’s the full report if you want to see it.