Skittles Accused of White Supremacy for Fag Pride Marketing Stunt

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017

Apparently, June is “LGBT Pride Month.”

Like a lot of eugenicists who laugh at videos of Moslems throwing faggots off of rooftops in Saudi Arabia, I didn’t actually know this because I have a limited interest in homosexual rights.

Nonetheless, it looks as though this “Pride Month” is a big event for people who treat gerbils as suppositories, and a lot of major companies use it to virtue signal and market their wares.

The latest company to jump aboard the GRIDS train this year is Mars, whose marketers decided to temporarily re-brand their Skittles product to appease the one percent of the population that are mentally ill.

There’s just one problem: they fucked it up. And now, instead of looking like champions of life, liberty and the pursuit of sodomy, the marketers look like Klansmen determined to hunt down every last nigger in Dixie.

National Review:

In honor of Pride Month, Skittles has removed rainbow coloring from its candies — explaining that “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show our support.”

As Heat Street notes, some of the sales of this candy will go to benefit LGBT charity organizations, so you’d think that progressive people would be at least a little hesitant to complain. You’d be wrong, though — a lot of people are very upset, because the fact that these Pride Month Skittles are white means that the company is racist and promoting “white supremacy.”

The funniest thing about this campaign is that it’s so unnecessary. Skittles are multi-colored sweets marketed under the slogan “Taste the Rainbow.”

You can’t get much gayer than that.

I mean, if you were the lead marketer for Skittles and your boss said, “Okay, some fag month is coming up, do something to pretend we care,” you’re not exactly stuck between a rock and a hard place here. At most, you could insert the words “THEY’RE FABULOUS!” onto the packaging and be done with it.

Skittles when it is LGBT Pride Month.

Skittles when it isn’t LGBT Pride Month.

The decision to dye a rainbow-colored product white for LGBT Pride Month is so surreal that it almost makes me wonder – no, hope – that this is a genuine act of White Supremacy designed to trigger SJWs for the lolz.

And trigger them it did:

Now, I’m pretty sure that any good marketing executive would probably advise companies to avoid associating white anything with “pride” anything in the future. This knee-jerk offense, however, is absurd. Skittles was trying to do a nice thing, and — as is all too often the case — people need to calm down.

Telling faggots and SJWs to calm down is like telling feminists to lose weight: it’s not going to happen.

These people are slaves to their hormonal imbalances; they’re going to act erratically constantly, even when companies pander to their perverse beliefs and desires.

It’s just not worth the trouble.

The Skittles team are better off embracing their obvious White Power leanings and coming out as proud supporters of the Confederacy. At least then they would have an established fanbase (Whites and the Black majority who secretly wish they were still slaves) to which they can sell their product.

Not that any Whites should be eating this sugary, ADHD-inducing junk.