SJWs vs. The Black Vote

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
February 11, 2016


As we move into South Carolina, we will soon get the answer to one of the most interesting questions of the 2016 presidential campaign: will the blacks #FeelTheBern or will the black vote sink the SJWs and the “political revolution”:

“CONCORD, N.H. — Hillary Clinton’s got until South Carolina to prove this is all a fluke. Bernie Sanders has until the end of March to prove it’s not.

If Sanders is truly going to become a Barack Obama-style Clinton-slayer of 2016, he knows he’s going to need to start racking up Obama-level support among non-white voters, and quickly, because the Democratic primary is about to come down to race.

The Sanders campaign understands this, which is why the first campaign stop after his blowout victory in New Hampshire is a breakfast meeting Wednesday with the Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem’s iconic Sylvia’s restaurant.

Sanders, who represents the overwhelmingly white state of Vermont in the Senate, has yet to prove he has the ability to win minority voters — a critical component of the Democratic Party coalition. He’s said he’s confident non-white voters would come to him once they heard his message — and aides consistently repeat that claim – but his close defeat in Iowa and landslide win New Hampshire, two states that are just as white as Vermont, haven’t answered any of the questions.

The next two early states to vote, Nevada and South Carolina, have much larger Latino and African American populations, which means he no longer has the luxury of appealing to his base of white liberals. …”


I agree with Rush Limbaugh:

“I mean, it’s almost the exact demographic. We go through all this. I mean, Hillary was humiliated yesterday. What is it, a 22-point loss? She lost virtually every group. Trump, on his side, won every demographic. It’s uncanny. Every demographic group Trump wins, and wins big, and Hillary lost practically every demographic group. Bernie Sanders today went to Sylvia’s in Harlem to have breakfast with Al Sharpton. Bernie knows that he’s out of this race once we get to South Carolina.

The Clinton machine is gonna kick in. The New Hampshire population doesn’t in any way mirror what the Democrats and Republicans are gonna find in South Carolina, and Bernie knows this. That’s why his first stop was Al Sharpton. Bernie’s only hope is to promise reparations. It’s the only way he has a chance of wresting the black vote away from Hillary Clinton. That’s what makes this kind of comical. I mean, to look at the leftist establishment media, they’re in panic. …”

This might explain why Ta-Nehisi Coates has thrown his support behind Sanders. Even if reparations for slavery were to become an issue though, it would never get past Congress.