SJWs in Canada Trying to Get a Prof Fired for Saying Black People are Oppressed

Daily Stormer
October 28, 2016


Literally Hitler. Go back to Bulgaria!

How dare this White man talk about the Blacks’ oppression? Doesn’t he know that this could trigger his sensitive students?

Sounds like bigotry to me.

Better start a petition to get this racist fired. Just to be on the safe side.

Global News:

Montreal’s Concordia University has confirmed a professor has been “removed temporarily” as officials “assess the situation” after someone allegedly made racist comments during a classroom lecture.

Global News spoke to two students who were in the classroom when the allegedly racist comments were made. They asked not to be identified because they fear reprisals from the university.

Yeah, I’m sure the university would enact reprisals against students for being anti-racists. They’re well known to be Nazi sympathizers, after all.


A rare picture of the Concordia University board of directors.

In an online post, a student at the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) described what allegedly happened on Oct. 21.

According to the post on the private John Molson School of Business Facebook page, part-time lecturer Roumen Solov said during a class that after the Second World War, Jewish people came to New York City and “got high education, but black people are not educated.”

Concordia University is investigating the matter.


Uneducated? smdh.

“We’ve interviewed the students and the professor and he has been removed temporarily while we assess the situation,” Cléa Desjardins, a spokesperson for the university told Global News.

Solov also allegedly singled out the only black student in the room.

She told Global News she challenged Solov after his comments and said it sounded like he was saying black people were lazy and not interested in education.

According to her, Solov then tried to clarify by saying slavery prevented black people from getting access to education.

In other words, he said Blacks were oppressed by Whites because of slavery, and thus didn’t have access to higher education. Sounds pretty much like standard SJW rhetoric to me, no?

Some students have started a petition to have Solov fired.

Several hundred have signed so far.

A spokesperson for the university said the issue should be resolved within the week.

The endgame of the SJW movement is to enact public lynchings of every White man who even tries to address racial issues without immediately bending over backwards to apologize for being an evil oppressor of poor defenseless minorities.

So yeah, they’re trying to get him fired.


No surprise there.

Some students have started a counter petition, on the other hand, to get this man a promotion.

Go and sign it here.

We can’t let these crybabies roll over the few White men still left in academia.