SJW Infighting: “Racism Should Not Trump Sexism”

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2016


A wild SJW attacks! It’s super effective!

There’s a big difference between our side and the SJW’s. On our side, we all basically want the same things:

  • Kick out the Jews
  • Get white countries
  • Clean up the degeneracy

But the SJW is a rag-tag coalition of losers who only band together because of their common hatred for straight white males. They all hate each other.

  • Moslems can’t stand feminists
  • Black feminists hate white feminists
  • Blacks hate homos and trannies
  • Homos disdain minorities

As time goes on, these different factions are increasingly at each other’s throat, competing for the title of “most oppressed minority”.


The fight against sexism should be considered more important than defeating racism, the novelist Fay Weldon has suggested, as she argues fixing gender inequality will solve everything else.

Weldon, the feminist and writer, said British women should turn their attention to oppressed women elsewhere, even if they risk being accused of racism.

Yeah, we keep noting that feminists don’t criticize these Hajis for treating their women like cattle. That hypocrisy can’t stand forever.

Speaking at Hay Festival, sponsored by the Telegraph, the novelist said racism has “enjoyed a higher status” than sexism, as she urges oppressed Muslim women to “rise up”.

When asked about the challenges facing society today, she said: “What I really think is that feminists in this country should be helping their fellow feminists who are Muslims who can’t live freely or express their thoughts.

“To say ‘oh we mustn’t interfere’ seems to be cowardly in the extreme, because we will be accused of racism if we do.

Ah, yes. These feminist activists are now relegated to a secondary rank in the hierarchy of victimhood, and their parasitical livelihood is suffering because of it. We now have SJW’s who claim that white women can’t be raped, because they have white privilege. This is good. Their ranks are collapsing under the weight of their own nonsense.


Here we have a lineup of Moslem feminists. One of them is a transgender activist

“Racism has sort of enjoyed a higher status than sexism, but I think that should reverse and getting rid of sexism is the way through for absolutely everybody.

“If you could only get the women to rise up, life could be a very different place.”

A feminist, she has now come to believe that women entering the workplace was not the best thing for society, inadvertently leaving children suffering. 

So, uh, this bitch thinks women should stay at home and raise kids, but she’s still a feminist? I guess her ideal world is one where men are enslaved by the state and women just get to stay at home receiving government money for browsing Facebook.

The SJW movement is collapsing, my friends. It’s our task to accelerate this. Push your trolling to the next level. Pretend to be black and make homophobic tweets. Pretend to be a transgender Moslem and start an anti-Semitic campaign on Tumblr. Whatever.

We need to keep driving a wedge between all these groups that are sucking the blood out of normal people. This is the battle of the century. If you can succeed at this, history will be changed forever.