#SinkTheBoats: Greek Coastguard Recorded Trolling and Trying to Sink a Migrant Raft!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2020

Back in 2015, I invented the hashtag #SinkTheBoats.

Finally, my dreams have come true.

This comes after video was posted of a migrant who rushed the border dying from a rubber bullet.

The Independent:

Video emerged on Monday of Greek coastguard officers apparently trying to capsize a boat full of refugees at sea, as a crisis mounted over migrants from the Middle East attempting to reach western Europe.

A migrant child was also killed on Monday when the boat they were aboard capsized off the island of Lesbos and a Syrian refugee trying to cross the Greek border was reportedly killed by rubber bullets, underscoring the dangers faced by those attempting make the passage west from Turkey. It is unclear if the child was on the boat seen in the video.

Turkey says it has allowed more than 117,000 migrants to cross into Europe, but Greeks say no more than 1,000 have made it across. Neither figure has been independently verified, and each country has a political interest in fudging the numbers. On Sunday, Greece suspended temporary protection for asylum seekers, citing national security reasons, drawing criticism from campaigners.

“I get that  they have some security issues and concerns,” said Devon Cone, senior advocate at Refugees International. “But they also have international obligations towards people seeking safety who approach their borders.”

“Cone” is of course a variant of “Cohen,” and Devon Cone is formerly of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. She’s also formerly of the UN. There is an entire global network of these Jews who use all of these different organizations to flood white countries with brown people against our will, and then tell us we have “obligations.”

Devon Cone, left.

From whence do these obligations flow, Jew? From the Talmud? 

She is currently very concerned that Islamic refugees in the camps are experiencing gender bias.

True story.

Let’s just take a minute to reflect on how completely insane this situation is:

  • The war in Syria is basically over
  • These people have been living in Turkey for years
  • They are being released by Erdogan as a weapon against Europe, revenge for refusal of whites to help him in his war against Syria as he attempts to steal part of their country

There is no way to possibly frame this as anything other than basic fraud. They are claiming to be “refugees,” but are not fleeing a war, and in fact are being used as a weapon to harm Europe.

Mama Merkel is not going to be able to pull out her 2015 explanation again, and claim that these are all poor innocent babies who will die if they don’t live on welfare in Europe. I actually hope she tries it.

At this point, I hope this whole thing escalates again, and these people just flood in.

Probably, they won’t come in the same numbers. Because a big part of why so many came in 2015 is that Merkel said she wanted them to come because they would pay the pensions of old Germans by working in the high tech sector. I read many interviews with Africans and others that were making the trip, and the reason they gave was that Merkel invited them.

Of course, it ended up that a majority of them were illiterate, even in Arabic, Urdu or Pashtun. Bound for the high tech sector they were not.

They don’t talk about it much, but instead of paying pensions, the migrants cost Germans hundreds of billions of euros.

The base programs between 2018 and 2021 were projected to cost nearly 80 billion, according to official numbers, which are a hoax (they remove all kinds of different costs).

Reuters, May 19, 2018:

Germany expects to spend around 78 billion euros on migration-related issues through 2022, including 31 billion euros to combat the root causes driving people to leave their homes and head to Europe, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday.

The magazine cited a document drafted by the German Finance Ministry which estimates federal spending of around 70 billion euros through 2022, plus an additional eight billion euros that the federal government agreed to transfer to states and local communities to cover their costs through 2021.

Social payments to migrants in Germany are projected to account for about 21 billion euros through 2022, with another 13 billion to be spent on language courses and other integrative measures, the magazine cited the document as saying.

Processing, registration and accommodations for refugees would cost 5.2 billion, according to the estimate.

I’m sure someone who reads German can do some digging and find some better numbers.

Point being: this was one of the incredible lies of history, that these illiterate brown people would be good for the German economy. Probably 3 million people flooded the continent, with at least two million ending up in Germany.

Some of those have been moved around Europe. And things have calmed down. You’ve still got the monthly terrorist attack. But overall, people have gotten used to the migrants, they are not committing crime at the same rate they were initially, and most people in Europe are not thinking about it like they were in 2015-16 when this was front and center.

Greece is still suffering badly, but no one cares about Greece.

I am quite certain that there are some people in Europe who believe it is time for another wave of a few million of these people.

I’m also quite certain that there are a lot of people who are going to be sympathetic to the Greeks who are now just openly killing these people.