Single White Women More Opposed to a Wall Than Mexicans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2017

A recent Reuters-Ipsos poll shows that single white women are the group in America most opposed to building a wall along the Southern border.

At 73.5%, they are more opposed to a wall than Hispanics themselves at 70.5%.

Married white women have a much higher tolerance for a wall, with only 46.9% being opposed.

When you are dealing with single women rather than married women, it is difficult to claim that it is something other than a sexual phenomenon at work. Single women – with or without children – are attempting to find sexual partners.

By keeping the border open, they keep their options open.

Women are obsessed with the idea of men competing over them, as they naturally desire the genes of the most competitive male fill their wombs. This is because they understand – on a primal, subconscious level – that they need strong male children to protect them when they no longer have sexual value.

They have no problem totally wrecking a society in order to intensify conflict between males, which they view as leading to better options for them.

The problem with this is that women’s sex drive is still functioning on a caveman-type primitive level. In modern technological society, the most violent, aggressive male is probably not the one to produce the most competent children. There is also now a racial dynamic that did not exist when this drive in women evolved.

Basically, in the Ice Age (and the Hyperborean age before it), all women wanted to get impregnated by the tribal chief, who would have been among the most violent men in the tribe, but also among the most intelligent. Due to the development of much more complex civilization – including the institution of monogamy – genes for violence were separated from genes for intelligence, as genes for intelligence were more valuable for resource-gathering than genes for violence.

Under the system of monogamy, the genes for intelligence were passed among the higher classes, and carried through the most attractive women. And yes, there was a requisite level of aggression and assertiveness here, but not any genes for brute violence.

Because the women were forced along with this development by men, they did not ever themselves alter their sex drive. There was no reason for it to change, as they were not playing a role in sex selection, it was being arranged by their fathers and the church and state.

Now that you’ve liberated women, you have a situation where they are returning to a pattern of sexually selecting for brute violence, as if we are living in the Ice Age.

This problem we are facing is also largely due to the breakdown of the white male by Jewish society. We have been trained to be weak and nonassertive – the opposite of what women want – by the system.

We then have it constantly reinforced on us that women like “nice guys” by the Hollywood movie industry, and our masculinity is suppressed by a system of shame and guilt designed by Jews and women.

The fact that we are a fatherless, single mother generation hasn’t helped with any of that.

The Single Most Important Thing

The single most important thing for white men to learn is that women are below them, and they should be treated as being below them.

This is what women respond to positively.

The second thing they respond to positively is seeing that you are approved of by other men, which is one reason it is so important to have a crew. If a woman sees you as part of a group that accepts you, she views that if she is with you, she will not simply be getting the protection of one male but of a group of males.

And of course, white men need to get in shape, they need to develop masculinity in other ways.

We have a very, very serious problem here where the white man is getting cucked on the civilizational scale by his own women. Yes, we do need state control of the situation, but we don’t have that now, and the best thing that individual white men can do is to start becoming the kind of men that women are interested in.

And this is not “nice guys who respect them and treat them well.”

Again, women have an extremely primitive sex drive which hones in on aggressive and assertiveness – not niceness.

Because they are trying to breed sons that will protect them. And in the primitive minds of women, nice guys with respect for women are not the kind of guys who protect their women and children – they are the kind of guys who get killed by their enemies.

I Stand Accused

I stand accused, by a legion of internet white knights, of “trying to drive a wedge between men and women.”

I tell you that I am here to do the precise opposite of that.

I am here to give men the information they need to become the type of men that women are interested in.

We are not going to convince women to “become white nationalists” by using logical arguments. Anyone who tells you that honestly deserves to be thrown off a roof.

Women exist for one purpose, and that is the production of children. All of their biology is driven towards this. None of it is geared toward intellectualism or listening to facts and making decisions based on them.

This is confusing to men, as to say that “women are stupid” is incorrect. They are extremely capable at memorizing and regurgitating information. However, they do not catalog this information in their brains the way that men do, nor do they make decisions based upon it.

Their decisions are purely based on an emotional system of recognizing and reacting to cues relating to breeding and caring for children in an Ice Age system.

The only way we are going to make white nationalism appealing to women is if we create a situation where white nationalism is identified with the type of masculinity that women are interested in. And this type of masculinity – one more time here – is not associated with nice guys.

It is associated exclusively with the power to destroy your enemies.

Women Supported Hitler

I have seen the argument that women supported Hitler, so that means they were moved by intellectual arguments.

This is the opposite of the truth.

Hitler was supported by women because Hitler represented a mega-powerful state of ultra-violence.

Hitler’s message was “we will become a military power, and we will crush all who seek to harm us.”

Meanwhile, his message to women was the same as mine: “get back in the kitchen.”

The slogan ‘Emancipation of women’ was invented by Jewish intellectuals and its content was formed by the same spirit. In the really good times of German life the German woman had no need to emancipate herself. She possessed exactly what nature had necessarily given her to administer and preserve; just as the man in his good times had no need to fear that he would be ousted from his position in relation to the woman.

In fact the woman was least likely to challenge his position. Only when he was not absolutely certain in his knowledge of his task did the eternal instinct of self and race-preservation begin to rebel in women. There then grew from this rebellion a state of affairs which was unnatural and which lasted until both sexes returned to the respective spheres which an Eternally Wise God had preordained for them.

If the man’s world is said to be the State, his struggle, his readiness to devote his powers to the service of the community, then it may perhaps be said that the woman’s is a smaller world. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home.

We do not consider it correct for the woman to interfere in the world of the man, in his main sphere. We consider it natural if these two worlds remain distinct. To the one belongs the strength of feeling, the strength of the soul. To the other belongs the strength of vision, of toughness, of decision, and of the willingness to act. In the one case this strength demands the willingness of the woman to risk her life to preserve this important cell and to multiply it, and in the other case it demands from the man the readiness to safeguard life.

So Hitler represented several things that women love: aggression, the power of the state and forcing women into submission.

So of course, women loved him.

He didn’t say “let’s get women’s ideas on politics – they have great ideas.” He said the opposite of that.

So using Adolf Hitler to defend feminism is deranged, nonsensical and anti-intellectual.

Hitler believed about women the same thing that I believe about women, the same thing that everyone believed about women before these insane social revolutions.

The Fact of the Matter

I do not believe in shaming men.

Right now, by definition, the average male is already good enough for the average female (in a more practical, non-mathematical sense, the average male is better than the average female). If we had a system of monogamy, all men who were not fundamentally defective would have a wife.

Penguins still have monogamy because they don’t have Jews.

However, that is not the situation we are in, and we do not presently have the ability to bring about such a situation.

So, it is necessary that our men become better than the average man. We need to be stronger, and we need to project that strength, which is why self-improvement is so important.

Women will be interested in the movement when it is sexy, and not before. Until it is sexy, the only women who will be drawn to it are control freaks, weirdos and YouTube cam whores seeking to make a buck and get their egos stroked by beta orbiters.

I want women in the movement, in the sense that I want women to support our ideals. I do not want women in political positions, and anyone who supports that is a twisted pervert.

I Wouldn’t Lie to You

There are people who claim that I am trying to turn men off of women or keep men from finding girls, and that I am encouraging MGTOW.

These people are feminist liars, who are angry I am breaking down their stupid boomer illusions about the nature of women.

I am doing the opposite of this.

I am helping men become the type of men who are capable of attracting women. Period.

If you think explaining to men the way women are biologically driven to behave in a “liberation” situation is “driving them away from women,” you should be thrown off a roof.

I get letters every single day from teenagers and other young men thanking me for helping them be successful with women.

I also get letters from married men telling me I’ve helped them with their marriage by helping them understand the behavior of their wives, and how to deal with it the right way.

My goal is to restore traditional Western civilization, and that cannot be done without restoring the family.

The family is the prime unit of any civilization.

As such, it is of prime importance to me to do what I can to help restore the family.

And Another Thing

We need men in this movement, and we aren’t going to get them in by saying “oh this is your duty, come do it.”

We have to be offering them something.

And the problem that men have right now is not the same problem they had in the 1930s, where they were living in basement rooms eating turnip soup.

The number one problem that modern men have is with women.

If we are, as a movement, addressing that issue, we are offering men a reason to join us.