Singer Robbie Williams Accurately States That Pizzagate was Never “Debunked”

God bless you, Robbie.


Robbie Williams has suggested the Pizzagate conspiracy theory hasn’t truly been debunked in a bizarre new interview.

The 46-year-old sat down for an interview with journalist Anna Brees, and in a teaser clip from the second part of the interview, the Rock DJ singer appears to question the validity of a conspiracy theory alleging that several high-ranking Democratic Party officials and U.S. restaurants were involved in an alleged human trafficking and child sex ring.

The theory was widely debunked during the 2016 US presidential election, following an investigation by the New York Times and the fact-checking website Snopes. However, the theory has gained renewed interest on TikTok in recent weeks, and it seems Williams is also interested in the conspiracy theory.

In a clip shared by Brees, the former Take That star says: ‘Look, there might be a personally reasonable explanation for that language, who knows. The fact that we don’t know means that nothing has been debunked. Yes, there was no basement in the particular pizza place. That’s not the debunking that I want, as a civilian, a human that’s going “hey, this bit, this bit’s really f***ing weird, what is that bit”.

‘Nobody’s been asked, nobody’s said and there’s been no answers. But the overarching reporting on this story is debunked fake news. It’s not. The right questions haven’t been asked to the right people in the right places.

‘Just as I take my popstar hat off, my celebrity hat off, and just talk as Robert from Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 7HA, opposite the Ancient Briton, big up Stoke-on-Trent – just as that guy for a moment, that’s watching from the terraces, why aren’t those questions being asked?’

Good question, my friend.

As an absolute matter of total and complete fact, Pizzagate was never “debunked.” What happened was that the media said it was debunked, without ever addressing any of the primary claims.

The most primary claim is that there is clearly coded language used in the John Podesta emails. (Regrettably, WikiLeaks is being DDoS’d right now, so I’m gonna have to use crappy screenshots – but we’re all familiar with these famous emails.)

They have not ever even bothered to offer an alternative explanation as to what this code is. It’s clearly code for something. These are adults talking about “playing dominos on cheese and pasta.” And that means what it says? They’re going to play dominos the game on a table covered in cheese and/or pasta?

That’s what their claim is here? That there is no code?

And why were children aged 11, 9 and 7 considered by grown adults to be “entertainment”?

The simplest explanation – Occam’s Razor – is that they’re either talking about illicit sex or drugs, as that’s the only reason you would be using a code in the first place.

This checks out.

The reference to a handkerchief is almost too much. This “handkerchief code” has its own Wikipedia entry.

So, I mean – where is the “debunk”?

Who explained what this means?

The answer is: no one. No one ever even attempted to explain it, nor did they ever question the authenticity of the emails.

So the basic conclusion is that yes, this is some kind of pedophile sex ring.

Then you have Marina Abramovic, a friend of Podesta mentioned in the emails, and her “spirit cooking.”

“Spirit cooking” is writing on walls in blood as a satanic ritual…

The bitch is weird as hell, and just openly satanic, and Podesta was attending these bloody events.

Here’s some more of her “art.”

Seriously, a goat sacrifice? 

What the hell is this shit?

“Oh no, we debunked that – Podesta was just literally playing dominos in a bowl of pasta after the goat sacrifice – there’s nothing to see here.”

Does anyone think it is appropriate for any member of the staff of a high level politician to be involved in goat sacrifices?

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Then when you check out the Instagram of Comet Ping Pong – the place where Podesta was constantly hanging out in DC – it gets that much worse. This pizza place, from where we get the “pizza” in “Pizzagate,” is owned by James Alefantis, the former boyfriend of Clinton staffer David Brock, who is openly gay and openly obsessed with children, posting gay pornography and satanic imagery next to pictures of children…

Well, something is going on here, and I’ve not seen anyone “debunk” any of it.

How did they “debunk” it without explaining the code?

It’s just a childlike lie to claim that this was “debunked,” meant to ease the minds of childlike people who would be concerned if they found out that the people controlling their government were a bunch of satanic pedophiles.

People accepted that it was “debunked” without any of it being explained because no one wants to believe something like this. It’s too scary and bizarre.

I’m glad that Robbie Williams of all people is bringing the topic up again, and I regret that WikiLeaks is currently getting DDoS’d so I can’t bring you all of the best quotes. I’m sure I’ve got screenshots of them all in old articles, but there were so many articles about this back in the day that I can’t go through and find them and it would be much easier to redo it.

(If anyone wants to check, here’s the Stormer Pizzagate archive. There’s a lot of just random stuff in there because we were trying to report as much as possible on the topic.)

WikiLeaks is obviously getting attacked right now because Robbie said this stuff. I’ve seen people say the screenshots are faked, so it’s much better when you can link them directly on the site (I can confirm all the above screenshots are real from WikiLeaks, and that the insta pics are either from the official Comet Ping Pong account or an associated account from the social circle that Alefantis interacted with.)

Maybe I will do a legit big Pizzagate article in the near future, as it is shocking how little is available on Google. It’s all been purged. Deleting all traces of the original information must have been part of the “debunking.”