Singapore: High Court Upholds Laws Against Faggotry

Daily Stormer
April 1, 2020

The Chink who founded Singapore was actually pretty based

Always feels nice to know that there are normal countries out there in the world.

Never feels nice to remember that almost none of those are White…

Huffington Post:

Singapore’s high court upheld on Monday a rarely-used law that criminalizes sex between men, dismissing three appeals that argued it was unconstitutional.

The ruling follows challenges to the colonial-era law by activists emboldened after India’s decision to scrap similar legislation in 2018. Previous repeal efforts in the socially-conservative city-state in 2014 also failed.

I pointed this out before – every time they write about a former colonial country taking action against man-on-man butthecking, it is invariably referred to as a “colonial-era law” to give the impression that all these places were butthecking bonanzas until Whitey came along with his hatred and ruined everything.

The term isn’t technically wrong, but that’s because most of these places literally didn’t exist before colonialism, not because of what the (((media))) is trying to imply here.

“The High Court dismisses all three applications,” Judge See Kee Oon said in a summary of the case published by the court.

“Legislation remains important in reflecting public sentiment and beliefs,” it said, adding that non-enforcement of the law against consensual male homosexual activity in private did not make it redundant.

Imagine that – a country where laws are made based on what’s good for the people, instead of Jewish ideologies.

We used to have a couple of those in Europe not long ago…

Not enforcing the law is stupid though.

Either actually enforce it, or cancel it altogether and say “you can do anything in your apartment but not promote it in public” or something like that.

Otherwise, you’re gonna keep getting problems down the line.

Bryan Choong, one of the three men who challenged the law, said he was disappointed by the ruling. “But my eyes are firmly on the road ahead,” he said.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers did not immediately comment. Previously, it has said prosecution under the law would not be in the public interest.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has previously said that society in Singapore “is not that liberal on these matters”.

However, after the Indian decision, a prominent Singapore diplomat urged challenges to the city-state’s law, while Law Minister K. Shanmugam said a “growing minority” wanted it repealed and that laws should keep pace with societal change.

Polls have also suggested changing attitudes towards homosexuals, and a perceived softening in tone from some establishment figures.

Yeah, non-stop 24/7 propaganda from most of the (((media outlets))) in the world is gonna eventually break some people.

It seems it hasn’t broken enough in Singapore, and I hope it never does.

Rights groups had said Singapore’s decision had wider implications for Asia, where social attitudes are conservative.

“In declining to strike out this archaic and discriminatory law, the court has reaffirmed that all gay men in Singapore are effectively unapprehended criminals,” Téa Braun, director of the London-based rights group, Human Dignity Trust, said in a statement.

There have been concerns around growing intolerance toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Muslim-majority neighbours like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Concerns from whom?

Certainly not the vast majority of the people living there…

It’s kinda funny how Singapore, a country that exists only because the British needed a trading post and started flooding the area with Chinks because they were better at merchanting than the local Malays, is actually much better off than Britain itself.

Sure, they have their problems…

…but overall, they’re so much better off than the people who created their country that it is difficult to process.

And that’s just sad.