Simon Says Shorten Quarantine from 10 Days to 5 Days

Omicron is “spreading faster” because it is literally the cold, and cold season has begun, so the CDC is now telling people to quarantine for 5 days instead of 10 if they test positive for a secret disease that has no symptoms.

It just makes you sick that there are still people going around thinking they’re going to die from a disease that they do not know a single person who has died from in two years.

Joe Biden and His Lord Fauci are saying the big play now is mass testing.

The mass testing is another reason that they’ve decided to shorten quarantine. So many people who are not sick in any way are testing positive for this secret disease through this mass testing program that it would just shut down society to tell all these people to stay at home for 10 days.

We are now approaching the two-year mark, and neither Fauci, nor the CDC, nor any other government or media body has proved that there is or was ever a pandemic.

They have not proved that there is a new virus.

But here we are.

We are still playing Simon Says with these lunatics, becoming ever more like trained animals as we delve deeper into the greatest psychological operation of all time.

There are real world consequences to this embrace of lunatic fear that are going to go far beyond mass suicides and economic collapse.

The weirdness is only just getting started.