Simian Stud Arrested for Murder of White Common-Law Wife

El Paso Times
April 19, 2015

Deanna Stewart was shot in the back and in the chest by her unnatural lover.

An El Paso man suspected of killing his common-law wife had allegedly threatened to kill her in the past, according to court documents.

Police homicide detectives arrested Greg Lavan Dudley, 49, on Monday morning in connection with the death of Deanna Stewart, 38, who was found dead Sunday evening inside the home the couple shared in the 11500 block of Jerry Lewis Way in far East El Paso.

Dudley was jailed under a $250,000 bond.

County records show the couple owned a company named D&G Cleaning Services.

According to a complaint affidavit filed by a police detective, Stewart was apparently shot and killed Friday.

Stewart was last seen alive at about 11 a.m. Friday when she dropped her daughter off at school, the affidavit stated. When the daughter returned at 4:30 p.m., she found that a wooden door and a wrought iron door were unusually cracked open at the home.

Greg Lavan Dudley tried to pretend his White lover was still alive when he saw her daughter.

As the daughter was about to go inside, Dudley slammed the door in her face and locked it, the document stated. After a few minutes, Dudley came out and allegedly told the daughter that he and Stewart had an argument and that Stewart had left walking. Dudley told Stewart’s daughter that they would drive around to look for Stewart.

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