Silverback Shoots His White Coalburner and Leaves Her to Bleed to Death in a Parking Lot

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2019

Salaam Gregory.

This happened in a rather public place. Did any shoppers offer to help her?

They were probably too busy pointing and laughing lol.


A man is behind bars tonight after a woman was shot and killed, in what police are calling a domestic violence situation that played out in public.

31 year old Salaam Gregory is accused of shooting 37 year old *Brandy Hammons* in Guntersville. The feud into a deadly confrontation in the parking lot of Lake Shopping Centern on Gunters Avenue.

It happened Saturday morning when Guntersville Police say Salaam Gregory and Brandy Hammons got into a heated argument.

Investigators say Gregory shot Hammons and threw her out of his vehicle leaving her to bleed in the parking lot. By the time Hammons was taken to the hospital, she was dead. It’s the first homicide Guntersville has seen in more than a year.

Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson says he’s working with the District Attorney to determine what charges Gregory will face and what bond will be set at.

Brandy Hammons.