Silicon Valley Bugman Creates New Religion Worshipping an AI Based God

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2017

The world gets spookier and spookier as we approach the Singularity.

Zero Hedge:

A Silicon Valley executive named Anthony Levandowski has already filed paperwork with the IRS for the nonprofit corporation that is going to run this new religion.  Officially, this new faith will be known as “Way Of The Future”, and you can visit the official website right here.

Of course nutjobs are creating “new religions” all the time, but in this case Levandowski is a very highly respected tech executive, and his new religion is even getting coverage from Wired magazine…

Stop the presses, even Wired thinks that we’re going to create an AI to rule over us.

Look, I don’t really want to get into the philosophical underpinning of this if it were true. Like, wouldn’t we technically be the gods, not the AI, which would be like our autistic child?

Would this devolve into a Ghost in the Shell type scenario with the AI hell bent on reproducing and becoming more than just a viral type entity?

Or would this be like a Cylon rebellion thing, minus the cool battlestars and hot skinjobs.

Perhaps Deus Ex provides us with the best explanation of what these are people are envisioning.

I don’t think any of these Silicon Valley execs have pondered the situation at any depth. Why do I think this? Because they’re just nerds that hate people and need Jesus in their lives.

Besides, all this is going to do is devolve into child-diddling like all weird sects started by nerds do.

While I am open to the message of the Church of the Machine God, I don’t think the future envisaged by any guy working in Silicon Valley is compatible with the true path and way revealed in the teachings of Cyber White Jihad and it angers me that they constantly have to act like they know more about the future than I do.

These people think that all niggers need in Africa is some macbooks and band-aids and then they turn around and talk in the same breath about shit like Augmented Reality, the Singularity and avoid mention of the multi-culti tech noir hellscape that awaits us by 2049.

We shouldn’t look up to them or take them seriously. They don’t know what they’re talking about beyond designing the next Faggy Bird app for today’s generation of late-birthed spergs glued to their mother’s boyfriend’s iPhone.

Stick to Star Wars and Star Trek you amateurs.