Sidney Powell Attacked Over Error-Filled Krakens

Lawyer Sidney Powell, formerly of Team Trump, recently released two krakens, both of whom were users of anabolic steroids.

However, these steroids may have caused psychological derangement.

As the Jews are pointing out, there are a lot of errors in these krakens. Up and down their tentacles and right on their suckers, we’ve got mounds of errors.

The Independent:

Attorney Sidney Powell, now distanced from the president’s legal team after sharing bizarre claims about election fraud, filed lawsuits on Wednesday in Michigan and Georgia.

Her complaints, which allege election fraud, are conspicuously riddled with misspelled words, garbled sentences, and formatting issues.

The Georgia filing comes several days after the state certified its election results following a hand recount of all 5 million ballots cast. Another recount requested by the Trump campaign is now underway in Georgia and will be concluded by 2 December. It is considered highly unlikely to change the result.

The lawsuits are apparently what Ms Powell meant when she said that she would challenge the presidential result by “releasing the kraken” – a phrase she used at a press conference with fellow Trump attorneys, Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis.

It makes extravagant claims about the integrity of the result, and focuses heavily on theories of rigged or tampered voting machines provided by Dominion – a company that has been the target of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists since it became clear that the election results were beginning to favour Mr Biden.

The lawsuit claims to demonstrate problems with the state’s electoral machinery so serious that “at a minimum, 96,600 votes must be disregarded”.

The filing also demands that authorities “set aside the 2020 General Election results which fraudulently concluded that Mr Biden defeated President Trump by 12,670 votes”.

The complaint shows signs of having been hastily assembled without proofreading. The word “district” is misspelled twice on the first-page header alone (as “districct” and then “distrcoict”).

Some sentences appear to have been spliced together, erroneously divided with misplaced full stops or end with closing quotation marks that were never opened.

The Michigan lawsuit appears to have had formatting issues, Bloomberg reported, removing the spaces between words.

Some material in the attached affidavits restates debunked claims made by the Trump campaign in other post-election lawsuits, including that Dominion has suspected links to Venezuelan government interests. (The primary source for the complaint’s claims about the supposed Venezuelan connection appears to be a Wall Street Journal article from 2006.)

After browsing these suits, I do understand why Tucker Carlson was attacking Sidney. These suits are significantly unprofessional, and she does not have clear evidence for many of her various claims.

However, Tucker’s issues with Sidney would hold a lot more water if he was going hard on the fraud, which he isn’t really doing. If you walk away from a Tucker Carlson segment on election fraud, you get the impression that there was some fraud, but it’s possible that Joe Biden legitimately won the election.

Of course, it is not possible that Joe Biden legitimately won the election, and the very suggestion is deranged. They are claiming that Joe Biden is the single most popular politician in US history. As Trump pointed out, they’re claiming that Biden did better than Obama not simply in total votes but in the percentage of the vote. They’re claiming that Biden did better than Barack Obama.

So when Tucker attacks Sidney and says “it only matters what’s true,” he’s lying.

Firstly, it doesn’t “only matter what’s true” in a general sense. If that were the case, Tucker would be doing segments about the average black IQ and the relationship between IQ and crime, and on how the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz had wooden doors. There are obviously a whole slew of uncomfortable truths that Tucker doesn’t spend time on. He could just as easily ignored Sidney’s claims, rather than call her out on the most popular cable news show in America.

Secondly, by focusing on certain specific details that are indeed technically true, you can lead people to believe something that isn’t true. It is true that Sidney made errors in her suits and is making claims that she doesn’t have evidence for. That does not mean that Joe Biden won the election, or that we should give up and stop fighting against this fraud.

Thirdly, even if Trump had lost the election based on the total number of votes, it would still be a fraud, because of the mail-in ballots, which created massive fraud in any case. Furthermore, the government refused to enforce various laws which allowed the Democrats a massive advantage. In particular, they refused to enforce anti-trust laws which allowed for a tech monopoly to totally control speech in America.

There is no reality in which Tucker’s attacks on Sidney can be justified, and I was glad to see he backed down from it after the backlash.

That having been said, after seeing just how problematic Sidney’s lawsuits actually are, I am significantly less bothered by Tucker’s attacks on her. It is conceivable that he did call Trump and tell him to get rid of her and Trump refused, which led him to state publicly that he thought she was not a strong figure.

I’m glad that Trump distanced himself from her before the release of this suit. The entire lawyer situation is problematic, and we didn’t need this associated with the official legal effort.

If you’re feeling down about this, watch Trump’s Thanksgiving press conference.

He is not feeling down and is in fact on fire. He appears 100% confident about the case he has coming up.

Remember: if Trump loses, they’re certainly going to throw him in prison. We’ve got all kinds of statements from these people saying they’ll do that. We all know Trump’s various emotional states, having watched him for these years, and if he was worried, he would look very different than this.

Trump has a case, but Sidney Powell’s case is not it.

It is coming and it will get to the Supreme Court and we will see what the deal is.

As from the beginning, I’m just going to tell you: our chances are not great.

But we do have a chance and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.