Sickening Jew Media Calls Man a Coward for Standing Up Against the Government and Faggots

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2015

So, now standing up for your beliefs under immense pressure from all directions is "cowardice"?
So, now standing up for your beliefs under immense pressure from all directions is “cowardice”?

SB Nation has published an article by the apparent Jew homosexual Cyd Zeigler claiming that a Christian man who is standing up to the government Jews and their faggot agenda is a “coward.”

A Christian business owner in Indiana called a morning radio show today to express his support for the new state law that now allows him to discriminate against gay people. He told the Kyle & Rachel Show on 100.9FM that he’s thrilled because he now doesn’t have to have gay people in his restaurant.

He said he has already been discriminating against gay people by finding ways to get them out of the restaurant. The way he has gone about it in the past is to lie to the gay customers, telling them something in the kitchen was broken so he couldn’t serve them. Lying – not gay people eating in a restaurant – is explicitly forbidden in the Bible. In fact, it’s one of the Ten Commandments (“thou shalt not bear false witness”). So this business owner can break one of the most sacred laws against lying to keep gay people out of his business.

“I feel OK with it because it’s my place of business,” he told the radio station. “I pay the rent. I built it. It’s all my money and my doing. It’s my place. I can do whatever I want with it. They can have their lifestyle and do their things on their own place or at people that want to be with them in their type of place, not my place.”

He added that he knows “tons” of business owners in Indiana who agree with the law and don’t want gay people in their businesses. They will, presumably, be actively discriminating against gay people now that they can legally do so. While we haven’t heard yet of a business proactively kicking gay people out of their establishment since the law is passed, this is some evidence that there are business owners who are empowered to do so and intend to do so immediately.

“We don’t want this in our places of business,” the anonymous restauranteur said. “It’s not right.”

The coward refused to share his name or his place of business, instead hiding behind anonymity. Thankfully there are other Christian business owners like Sam Wise who will welcome LGBT people to Sammy’s Brewhouse. We’ll be thanking him April 3 at 7pm.

These spineless faggots and Jews clearly understand that Christians have a religious and ideological belief that prevents them from embracing the man-anus fetishists, and yet they simply choose to deny it in order to paint them as malicious and evil haters.  It is childish and ridiculous, but they are being given a free pass by the media to paint the situation in this light.

Cyd Zeigler
Cyd Zeigler

Meanwhile in Indiana, hundreds of rallying in opposition to the concept of free association, demanding that men who engage in literal anal sex with other men – and then go on to brag about it and define their personal identity by this behavior – be allowed to barge into places of businesses where they are unwanted and force Christians and others opposed to homosexualism to face and serve them.

Hundreds of people
Hundreds of people

This whole thing has gotten so blatant: it is not about homosexuals wanting equal rights, it is about forcing the entire society to accept their behavior patterns.  I don’t think they ever should have had any rights in the first place, of course, but the fact that they continue to try and break down any and all resistance shows that the concept of “rights” was never even the basic idea of the homosexual movement.

It was always a social revolution for the purpose of destroying traditional White Western society.