Sickening Jew Dave Bry Tells “Fellow White People” to Keep Protesting the Cops

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2014

You sneaking rat...
You sneaking rat…

In the horrible ongoing saga of Jews pretending to be White people in order to direct the behavior of White people, the disgusting Jewish parasite Dave Bry has published an op-ed in The Guardian encouraging his “fellow White people” to continue protesting the police in an attempt to incite Negro revolution while blaming them for allegedly inciting violence.

The article, entitled “Dear fellow white people: Keep protesting police violence. Just don’t throw bottles from the back,” is just inane gibberish.  He starts out talking about how White people have a special privilege to protest which Blacks don’t have.  He then – literally – goes on to blame “Whites like me” for inciting violence at protests.  He then says that Whites are endangering the lives of Blacks by making protests violent.

In November, here in New York, I took my 10-year-old son to a demonstration protesting the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson. We marched around the park and joined chants of “No justice, no peace” and “No racist police” and even “Fuck the police”. (My kid didn’t say the “fuck” part; he’s kind of a goody-goody.)

Then a group of younger white folks in bandana masks and Occupy gear started up with a separate chant, from the outside: “Who do we want? Darren Wilson. How do we want him? Dead!”

I didn’t want anybody dead, and neither did my kid. And neither did a black woman marching in front of us. “Whoa,” she said in the direction of this new contingent. “Slow your roll. That’s taking it a little too far.”

She was right. And I’m glad my kid was standing close enough to hear her. I am more enraged than ever at the racist violence of America’s police. I am angry at the government and committed to affecting change. But I have zero patience for white people who throw bottles from the back of the crowd, who smash windows or throw garbage cans off overpasses or punch anyone or set anything on fire. Words are categorically different from physical actions, but I don’t think we should be calling for anyone’s death, either.

Police respond to violence with more violence, as they are sanctioned by law to do, and people get hurt. Police are heavily armed; protesters generally are not. The protesters closest to the police stand a higher risk of injury than those farther away. White people cannot be throwing bottles from the back while leaving black people in the front – on the front lines – open to further injustice. We have to stay in the back and keep our hands to ourselves. To do otherwise, fellow white person, is to co-opt a movement that is not rightfully yours. It’s not your white ass on the line.

Hahhahahahahah!  It was the Black woman who told the Whites they were out of line because they were getting violent!

Hey Dave, you filthy Jew, was it a White guy who executed those two cops in Brooklyn?

I forget.

What about that guy that got this whole thing started by robbing a liquor store and then attacking a cop – Michael Brown – was he White?

I can’t remember because I’m one of those stupid violent Whites who regularly needs a Black woman to remind me not to be so violent.  I need a smart and enlightened White like you to remind me.

Oh wait, I do know of one White guy who was definitely inciting violent revolution at a protest.

The Incredible Boldness of These Jews

"What you filthy goyim... I mean, you, my fellow White people don't understand..."
“What you filthy goyim… I mean, you, my fellow White people don’t understand…”

One thing about the Jew race which cannot be questioned – and must be respected on some level, I would argue – is their sheer audacity.

This is a Jew who is openly a supporter of Israel – a racially pure state built on land stolen from poor, backward brown people – who is also a supporter of Black revolution in America.

While claiming Whites in America deserve nothing, should have to give it all over to the Black hordes, he also claims that Jews are White, but supports the existence of a pure Jew state.

And he isn’t hiding any of this. It is all open for anyone to see, right here on the internet. He is able to say these things without blushing, without feeling shame.

It’s incredible.