Sickening Fake News Media Continues to Cry About Right-Wing Shooter, Says Left-Wing Shooter had “No Motive”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

There were two mass shootings on Saturday. The first one was right-wing, the second left-wing. But while the media is going nuts over the first, they are claiming that the second is a complete mystery.

From a confirmed Twitter account run by Connor Betts, the Dayton shooter, we know that he was a left-wing extremist, Antifa, Elizabeth Warren supporter and a satanist. Earlier today, we documented the Twitter account, proving all of this.

He stated clearly, just weeks ago, that he was ready to commit violence in the name of socialist revolution.

This is confirmed. There is no question that the identified Twitter account is not the account of the shooter. And there is no question that he was advocating violent revolution in the name of socialism.

His mother was also engaging in Antifa activity on social media, showing that he was raised in extreme left-wing politics.

However, the media is simply ignoring this. They are instead claiming there is “no known motive,” and “we will probably never know why he did it.”

Look at what CNN looks like right now:

As you’re reading a front-page article by the Jew Hollie Silverman about the Dayton shooting, committed by an Antifa socialist, saying there is no motive, you also get a notice at the top of the screen that Donald Trump is responsible for the El Paso shooting – and the evil orange bastard is refusing to admit his guilt.

And it isn’t simply CNN and the New York Times refusing to tell this story – the entire media is in on it. No major mainstream news source is reporting on the political motive of the Dayton shooter.

If you Google News search “Patrick Crusius Manifesto” (he was the right-wing shooter), you get all of the mainstream media sources reporting on it.

However, if you Google News search “Connor Betts Twitter,” you only find tabloids, right-wing sites and Russian media reporting that he was a leftist extremist.

This level of fake news hoaxing should be unbelievable, but after a three-year Russian spy conspiracy hoax, it isn’t unbelievable. After that, everything these Jews do is believable.

What you need to understand is that they are operating right now as if all information on the internet is already locked down. As if everything is censored. Because if everything is censored, they don’t need to report on a left-wing shooter. They can just claim “no one knows his motive” and no one will know any different.

And in the very near future, you won’t be able to find real information about this on the Washington Times or RT (let alone on the Daily Stormer). They will get around to shutting these sites down, or at least removing them from public view, and they will simply lie with impunity.

If this had happened just even a year ago, the media would have at least had to acknowledge the fact that the Dayton shooter was a leftist. They would downplay it and so on, but they would have to say it. Now, they feel that there is already so much censorship, they can just not even mention it, because so few people will notice it.

Because we are already very close to a perfect matrix of information control.

Donald Trump gave a bullshit teleprompter statement talking about hate, the internet, video games and guns.

This speech was totally gay, but I do suspect the reason he didn’t mention the fact that the Dayton shooter was a leftist and attack the “rhetoric” of Democrats is that he didn’t know about the Connor Betts Twitter account. It just became known last night, and with the media not reporting it, it probably didn’t filter to him.

As we see, this cuck statement is not good enough for the Jew media – they are claiming that he should have taken personal responsibility for these shootings!

I do think that they are not going to run with the narrative for too long, given that there are still outlets available for people to see the truth about the Dayton shooter. They’re just milking it quickly for all it’s worth before they move on. But what they are doing with this double-narrative is a sign of things to come when the internet is 100% locked down.

This is what happens when you do not have freedom of speech in the information age.

We are witnessing, in real time, an absolute and total collapse of reality itself, with a false reality, invented by Jews, being copy-pasted over what is actually happening in the physical world.

Right now, our most important job is to push for Tor adoption as we work to create a new, free internet, where people can have access to accurate information.

I currently consider promoting the use of Tor to be my most important duty.

Please download Tor Browser.

Also download Brave Browser, which has Tor support.

Do this right now.

Get used to using this service and get everyone you know on board.

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Get on Tor and do it quickly.

It is our duty to build and spread a new internet, so that free speech can continue on in this age of total and complete censorship.