Sick Subhuman Suing Seattle for $500,000 Because He Got Pepper-Sprayed at MLK Communist Rally

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2015


Jesse Hagopian sick subhuman occupying our once-great nation illegally is whining that he got pepper-sprayed by a small female cop at a MLK communist rally supporting Black terrorism.

Here he is being interviewed as if he were the victim by RT.

It appears that this Paki or Arab or whatever it is (who cares?) is either heavily drugged with opiates or mentally retarded.

“To go to my 2-year-olds birthday party… where I was going to strap a bomb to him and send him into a crowded area.”

This dirty scumbag is lucky I’m not the President, because I would have ordered this entire rally fire-bombed from the air.