Sick Genital-Obsessed Feminists Make Vagina TV Show for Infants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2014

Why is this happening?
Why is this happening?

Okay, so yesterday I wrote about the upcoming anti-SJW mass-murder simulation game “Hatred,” and mused about whether the the political statement being made outweighs the negative impact of people actually playing the game.

What is important to understand is that no mass-murder simulation could ever be as socially harmful as the media feminists themselves produce and often purposefully target children with.

An example of this is “Baby, Love Your Body,” a feminist show about vaginas targeted at infants.

The show is described on its tumblr page:

“baby, love your body” is a tv show for kids created by poussy draama and fannie sosa.

this is a platform to exchange thoughts on how to talk to children about sexuality, consent, respect and compassion.

our belief is that decolonisation and critical thinking needs to be a language we speak with our kids from the beggining.

let’s create body positive narratives for children together!

Here is an episode.

One could write an entire dissertation on how this YouTube clip reflects feminist psychology.

Clearly, the lack of anchoring to a masculine family structure leads to feminists defining their identity by their vaginas, which they view as powerful for the same reasons they hate men, that is, because men are interested in these vaginas of theirs, or at least they were when they were teenagers.

Interesting that they attack men for being obsessed with their penises, claiming that guns and fast cars are phallic symbols. In reality, guns and sports cars are all instruments of virility in the same way as a penis is, they are not symbolic of penises. But these women are literally obsessed with the physical genitalia itself, while projecting this obsession onto men.

Then there is this idea that women have body image issues and that if they are indoctrinated with vagina love before they can talk it will… whatever, prevent that somehow. In reality, women obviously do have self-image issues, but it has little to do with their bodies or vaginas – it relates to the fact that they do not fulfil basic biological function in Western society. They should be getting pregnant as teenagers, and instead are coerced by hardened feminists and Jews to try and become men, something that they fail horribly at. They they reach their thirties, realize they do want babies, and no men want them because they are old. Also not good for self-image.

This whole “unattainable standard of beauty” gets played up, and is often even endorsed by Christians. I guess it exists, but it doesn’t really have much to do with anything, given that all women are attractive when they are teenagers as long as they are slim and healthy-looking. The “unattainable standards” claptrap and attacks on Barbie are thus just reasonable-sounding fat-acceptance campaigns.

There are many other issues here with these insane women. But we shall now move on.

Hatred vs. Baby, Love Your Body

Hatred goes way too far in promoting outrageous violence. However, it is not really anything especially new. From as long as art has existed, men have been interested in depictions of violence. So though it is extreme, and probably morally reprehensible, it is within the realm of what already existed.

Baby, Love Your Body on the other hand is a part of a social engineering program based on indoctrinating children into believing things and accepting as fact theoretical concepts which go against the basic order of nature.

Feminists are literally trying to transform all of society into something that makes them feel safe and comfortable, and they do not care who they have to destroy to accomplish this goal.