Sick Dyke Creates Educational Program to Brainwash Children Into the Homosexual Lifestyle

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2016

A sick dyke – who looks like a Jew – has created a program to indoctrinate pre-schoolers into the homosexual lifestyle.

Lindsey Amer is a twisted lesbo who is obsessed with psychologically abusing children, and has created an entire “educational” program to teach children how to become homosexual perverts.

You see, homos – both male and female – face a constant problem: they cannot reproduce. As such, in order for their species to continue, they rely entirely on recruitment. They are always pushing for the ability to recruit younger and younger victims into their sex-cult, and now, our Jewed-out society has reached the point where we are ready to show their recruitment propaganda to pre-schoolers – in order to prove we’re not haters, of course.

Huffington Post:

“Queer Kids Stuff“ is created and produced by Lindsey Amer and is intended to be a conversation starter between adults and kids about queer issues. While the episodes may focus on explaining a basic queer idea — like what does “gay” mean — it also answers questions for children that some adults may not have the ability or language to talk about.

“These are the years of the W’s: Who, What, When, and Why,” Amer told The Huffington Post. “These ages are when children are learning and soaking up everything they can about the world they were pretty recently introduced to. While they are learning about the world, they are also beginning to form their own opinions about the things in this world. If they aren’t seeing queerness in their world (particularly in their media) how can they know to ask questions and spark conversations (as many parents won’t do this themselves). And what happens if the first time they are introduced to a queer topic, it has a negative connotation? As soon as that happens, it is far more difficult to undo that moment, than it is to simply introduce the topic truthfully and positively first.

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