Sick Bastards: Marijuana Officially Legal in Canada

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

This was pretty much destined to happen.

Why do you think they put a marijuana leaf on their flag?


The Great White North could find itself in a great white puff of pot smoke as Canada makes history by legalizing marijuana.

What started as an election promise by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015 has led to Canada becoming the second country in the world to legalize the production, sales and distribution of recreational cannabis. Uruguay broke the mould in December 2013 but Canada is the first country in the G20 to move forward with pot legalization.

The prime minister placed the responsibility of selling, distributing and regulating marijuana under provincial and territorial governments, who will also be reaping the profits of pot sales, making Canada the world’s largest marketplace for pot stock.

Why are we not sanctioning this country?

This is a lot worse than torturing a journalist to death and cutting him up with a bonesaw – in fact, doing that is good. You can prove scientifically that dead journalists is a good thing for society. Is there anyone, anywhere, that can argue that marijuana is good for society?

Furthermore, you can say that Saudi Arabia is run by super-villains – but so is Canada.

All this does is dumb down the country. It puts them in passive mode, where the government can do whatever they want to them.

It will be smoked by children, and destroy their ability to become adults by locking them in a crippling addiction.

Look: if weed is going to be legalized, cocaine should also be legalized.

Unlike marijuana, which reduces brain function, cocaine increases it.

Legalized cocaine would mean a highly agitated, aggressive population that is demanding answers to political, philosophical and spiritual questions – whereas legalized marijuana means the exact opposite.

I’m not even saying cocaine is good or should be used, but the fact of the matter is that it is much safer than marijuana, non-addictive, etc. – and yet they are decriminalizing and now legalizing marijuana across the Western world, while there is absolutely zero talk of legalizing cocaine. In fact, cocaine’s legal status is the same as it was in the 70s, and you can do serious time for small amounts of it.

Furthermore, while there is a massive push in the media to legalize marijuana, there is zero comment on cocaine or any proposition from anyone that it should be legalized.

These things do not jive with one another from a standpoint other than that the government has an explicit desire to make people stupid and passive on purpose.

Take this scene:

Can you imagine the difference between the way a pothead and a person high on cocaine responds to this picture?

Because I can. 

Pothead: Like, everyone’s the same man, wow, this is enriching our culture.

Person high on cocaine: The fuck is this shit why are these people here what is going on I don’t want these people the economy the culture the social order everything is fucked with these people and speaking of fucking I do not want to fuck these women they look like fat mutant camels we need to GET THEM OUT and we need to do it QUICKLY it’s time to MOVE MOVE MOVE lets go now to the government office and wait outside until it opens because I am going to scream in the motherfucking faces of the traitors who are bringing these animals into the country we need to go now do you see my car keys do you have a car what kind of car is there gas in it lets go now we can stop at the legalized cocaine store and get another ounce on the way I know one that is 24 hours put your pants on quickly woman I have somewhere to be let’s fucking go already where are your keys I’ll drive we need to do this now RIGHT FUCKING NOW don’t worry we’ll get more blow on the way this is MOTHERFUCKING CANADA and you know what speaking of that I’m also going to demand that these fucks running our country put the Union Jack back on our flag what the fuck is this leaf shit why do we have that we are a British colony and that means WHITE we used to rule the entire world now we’ve got niggers running around everywhere and I have had it up to my tits with all of this bullshit do you understand quantum physics because there are infinite realities at the same time which means that there is a reality where the British empire still rules the world fuck I wish I was in that reality right now how the fuck did I get stuck in this one but you know what infinite realities also means that there is a reality in which I become president of Canada and round up all of these niggers and turn them into lampshades and soap and everyone thinks it’s hilarious I am thinking of running for office yes I need to run for office I’m going to fill out the form online while we’re driving you’re putting your pants on backward slow down for a second I have to go to the bathroom do you have one of those buttons that will start your car from here and turn the heat on it’s fucking cold out do you have any gum I can’t find mine no fuck it they sell gum at the legal cocaine store lets fucking roll out hold on I’m gonna try to piss again chop up one for the road and fill up that bullet and let’s get down to the government office and tell them to get these people the fuck out of CANADA