Shut the Fuck Up, Charlie Kirk!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2019

What did we win, Charlie Kirk?

Can you name one single fucking thing, you lying piece of shit?


Barack Obama was unironically a better president than Donald Trump. At least under Obama, we had free speech, and there was some semblance of a functional justice system.

There was also significantly less immigration, because Obama did child separations.

Trump goes out there and says “Obama enacted child separations, I abolished them” – as if this is somehow good.

We literally have more brown immigrants entering the country than at any time in all of American history. Not just in total numbers, but also per capita.

Obama never prosecuted Julian Assange.

Obama never gave the Golan Heights to Israel.

Obama never sent weapons to Ukrainian terrorists.

Obama never threatened war with Iran.

Obama never bombed Assad.

Obama never threatened war in South America.

Literally: an unironically better president. 

This entire thing is insane.

But so much worse than Donald Trump doing all of this shit to destroy America in the name of the bloodsucking, Christ-killing kikes is Charlie Kirk and the rest of these sycophants going out there and saying “OH BABY IT FEELS SO GOOD TO GET FUCKED IN THE ASS.”

This is unconscionable.

Fucking little smug preppy faggot Charlie Kirk.

He knows he’s not getting banned.

When everyone else is banned, it will be him, Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson leading all of the TRVE CONSERVATIVE goyim of the cliff.

While all of these shills tell you everything is great as you watch everything get worse, Tucker is going out there and calling out Trump saying he isn’t GONNA DO NUFFIN about our freedom of speech.

Tucker Carlson is the only person who still has a mainstream platform that has anything of value to say, period.

Charlie Kirk is less than worthless.

This faggot is telling you everything is sunshine and lollipops as he marches you off a doom cliff.

He is the single lowest form of life on Planet Earth.